COVID-19 Update
January 27, 2021
Governor Cooper's Announcement

Today, Governor Cooper extended the modified stay-at-home order and night-time closure for some businesses until February 28, 2021.

Under This Order:

  • People will have to stay home between the hours of 10pm-5am.

  • Bars will be required to close by 10pm and all on-site alcohol consumption sales must end by 9pm.
Governor Cooper also extended the sales on mixed beverages to-go until March 31, 2021.

Under this Order:

  • Establishments holding certain permits from the ABC Commission, including restaurants, hotels, private clubs, private bars, and some distilleries, are allowed to sell mixed beverages to-go or for delivery. These businesses, delivery service providers that contract with these businesses, and purchasers of mixed beverages to-go must follow the restrictions in the Order and any additional restrictions and guidance established by the ABC Commission.

  • Businesses subject to the Order may continue to sell mixed beverages for off-site consumption until their business closes and in accordance with other applicable laws and regulations.

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