Special Automate Edition
Bring Your Parts to Automate, Booth #8135 !

Smart Vision Lights' engineers and application experts will be at Automate booth #8135 to examine your samples or parts, discuss your application goals, and share advice on possible solutions. Visit us also to see our latest innovations, including our SmartVisionLink and NanoDrive technologies.
  • SmartVisionLinktechnology enables anyone with a tablet or smartphone to exercise remote, wireless control over their machine vision lighting without the need to physically handle a hard-to-reach light source or add a bulky network-enabled light controller. Made possible by SVL's BTM-1000 Bluetooth Module and our downloadable app ( shown right), SmartVisionLink provides an intuitive way to adjust key performance parameters for six or more lights. Learn more.
  • NanoDrive™ LED light driver delivers full current in 500 ns and can provide hundreds of amps, achieving full intensity faster than many cameras operate. An industry first designed by SVL Engineer Ed Brandel, the NanoDrive™ light driver is a 2019 Prism Award winner and an innovative new solution for machine vision applications that require rapid image acquisition or short image exposureLearn more.
SVL is also unveiling at Automate several new products that leverage these two new technologies. See below for more details. We look forward to seeing you and your samples this week!
SVL Debuts New Products at Automate
Visit booth #8135 to see our latest innovations:
LZE300 Linear Light:
Our new LZE300 Light has three built-in zones that can each be configured independently. The standard LZE300 has 12 LEDs, while an enhanced option offers 24 LEDs. SmartVisionLink™ and NanoDrive™ enabled. Learn more. 
Patterned Area Lighting (PAL):
SVL's Patterned Area Lighting™ (PAL) technology prints a pattern on the lens of backlights or front lights to enable imaging of defects on uneven, highly reflective, and transparent or semitransparent surfaces. Prior to PAL, such defects would be difficult to detect without the use of multiple lights, cameras, and additional inspection time. PAL is available on SVL backlights LLPX, SOBL, MOBL, and ODMOBL; our DLP series of diffuse ring light panels; and the LLPX-H diffuse large light panel. Learn more. 
SXP80 Spotlight: The SXP80 Projector Light provides the most intense projected patte rn offered in an LED. Its high-intensity beam enables projectio n of small pattern features over large distances yet maintains the brightness typical of near-field applications. SmartVisionLink™ and NanoDrive™ enabled. Learn more.
XR256-FIBER Light: The XR256-FIBER Light is an LED-powered alternative to X enon lamps, offering a high-energy strobe output designed to match the performance of a Xenon source. Featuring NanoDrive™ technology's superfast rise time, the XR256-FIBER Light can strobe at a rate of up to 100 μs at a 1% duty cycle. Learn more.

DFLW-200-4Z Ring Light: The DFLW-200-4Z Dark Field Ring Light is specially designed for food industry and washdown environments where water and harsh detergents are present. Two housing options are available: stainless steel or anodized black aluminum. The DFLW-20 0-4Z Light is I P67 rated and has a built-in Multi-Drive™. Learn more. 
Events Calendar
April 8-11, 2019: Automate, McCormick Place, Chicago. Email Dave at dave@smartvisionlights.com if you would like to meet at this event.
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