Disciples- Support
Dairy Farm
Goal: Visit 1,000 Starbucks Today or Tomorrow
Dear friend of farm workers,

Long before the moment when the National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM) became a national organization 47 years ago, Disciples engaged in migrant ministries that supported farm worker families. In fact, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was one of five founding denominations of the National Farm Worker Ministry. Since that time, we have continued to support key farm worker led campaigns through the NFWM and to engage in supporting farm workers all around the country.

In the U.S. Northwest, one of our strongest partnerships is with Darigold dairy workers, who work on more than 400+ related farms. Challenges faced by Darigold related dairy workers have reached a critical point in recent months, as a group of 12 dairy workers were fired in retaliation, and had a lawsuit filed against them by the Ruby Ridge company (a Darigold supplier) after raising allegations of wage and work conditions abuses.

Together as Disciples and Friends, We Urge You to Support Darigold Workers in 3 Easy Steps

Background: Starbucks is a major buyer of Darigold Milk.
Starbucks needs to take social responsibility for the products that make them profit.

Help the Darigold dairy workers of the United Farm Workers TODAY, Sept. 28 and TOMORROW, Sept. 29 at your local Starbucks sites to support dairy workers. Just take this letter to your local Starbucks. This will be happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

The #Darigold Dozen held a 5-day Fast of Reconciliation in front of Darigold's headquarters from September 20-24. During that time, a delegation walked over to Starbucks headquarters and Starbucks finally met with them, but no specific promises were made.

YOU can help add impact to the farm workers' message by taking the next step.
 Deliver a letter to the manager at your local Starbucks store and ask them to demand that their major supplier, Darigold, meet with the United Farm Workers.

These Frequently Asked Questions can give you some additional support.
1 Find your nearest Starbucks & take this letter to the manager on duty. Click the map to find nearest stores.

2 Take a selfie in front of the Starbucks you visit.
 Post it to the NFWM's facebook page @nfwministry and tag "Starbucks" or, if you prefer, TEXT IT along with the city and state of the store to jtaylor@nfwm.org or email it to jtaylor@nfwm.org .
3 Then, Let Us Know You Did It! ‌ ‌ I Did It!
After you take a letter to a Starbucks manager at, please complete this brief form to let us know you did!

Check back often on our RIM website for resources for how you can express your faith values to support refugee & immigrant protections!
Thank you for helping protect the lives of refugees & immigrants in our communities.
Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries
202-957-7826 (cell) sstanley@dhm.disciples.org, 5 Thomas Circle NW, Washington, DC