March 2014 Newsletter

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Hello ICANNWikians,


Hard to believe it's March already! We are hard at work gearing up for the first ICANN Meeting of 2014; ICANN 49 in Singapore.
ICANN Singapore
 Image by jjcb, some rights reserved.

If you will be attending ICANN Singapore, please do come and stop by! Our booth will be #17, in the convention foyer near the Registration booth. There are many reasons to come by, but here are a few big ones:  


1. Your Caricature

Brought to you by Verisign, our caricature badges are a fun staple at ICANN meetings. If you have a profile on our site with a caricature, we have your caricature badge for you to pick up in Singapore. That's right: even if you got the caricature made years ago, we have them newly printed for every meeting! Come pick it up on Sunday or Monday so you can wear it in your badge the whole week.


2. Card Decks

Since 2011, we've made a special deck of playing cards for each ICANN meeting, thanks to our partnership with Neustar. We have a special one prepared for this meeting! Come by and pick one up before we run out.


3. Resources & Information is a great resource for newcomers and veterans alike to research and contribute knowledge to our industry. We are here to answer questions and would love to help people learn how to make the best use of our community resource. Have you used ICANNWiki in the past and found it helpful? We want to know. Do you have a profile and want to update it? Come by and we can help.

We have articles from basic concepts like Domain Names, to more niche topics such as RrSG and Vertical Integration. Anyone is free to read and edit the site!

For Newcomers:

If you don't have a caricature but want one, come by our booth and we can get you started! We take your picture and have you fill out a short form so that we can build your profile on the site. Want to learn more about and how to use it? We'd love to show you around!
Announcement: We've Gone Nonprofit!

ICANNWiki has always been a community-supported project with a mission-driven approach and a nonprofit attitude. We've taken the extra step this year and are happy to announce that ICANNWiki is now a nonprofit organization incorporated in the U.S. state of Oregon.


What's changing?

We've expanded our mission: "To educate and give each person on our planet a voice in guiding the future of the Internet." We want to take the resources and knowledge that we've gathered and get more people interested and involved in the issues that ICANNers like you think about everyday! Becoming a nonprofit means we can expand our operations, serve more people, and grow the awesome resource that is

We continue to be funded by generous companies that are leaders in our industry (see them below) - and now that we've become a nonprofit, their tax-deductible gift will go even farther! If your company is interested in joining our movement, please contact us, we'd love to start a partnership.

See you in Singapore if you are attending, and happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web!


The ICANNWiki team - Jonah Geil-Neufeld, Vivian Hua Ray King
Many Thanks to our generous sponsors:

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