Dear Reader,

You may not know this, but I’m a tool & die maker. I learned the trade from my father. Beginning in my early teens, he taught me precision metalworking while I worked at his twelve-man tool & die shop in Southern California. I helped him make dies that trimmed Barbie’s eyelashes and hair (toymaker Mattel was just down the street). Other dies made helicopter parts destined for Vietnam. We made parts that flew on Apollo space capsules. And so much more, all precision machined, all productive.

Today, Q-Mark has amazing machinists who are far more skilled than I. Combined, we have so much manufacturing know-how that we can produce just about anything.

Some of these professionals will be in our booth #135501 at IMTS in Chicago, September 10-15. Please stop by. You can see all the things we make, and meet the people who make them. It would be a privilege to greet you, and personally show you around.

Hope to see you at the show!    

Mark Osterstock
President, Q-Mark Manufacturing Inc.

We're introducing several new
products at IMTS!

Plan to visit us at the IMTS show in September in Chicago. This is THE biggest manufacturing show in the world with thousands of attendees checking out the biggest technological advances in the world.

Stop by and see our newest products at booth number 135501. From custom orders to diamond styli, we are continually growing and expanding our products to help you and your company provide the best precision possible.
Probe of the Month
September’s Probe of the Month is a custom right-angle stylus for use on a BLUM probe system. It features a 1.35 mm diameter ruby sphere. The sphere center is 25.0 mm from the stem’s center line and 40.0 mm from the stem’s M4 threaded base. It’s made entirely of stainless steel.

Our client is an automotive parts manufacturer based in the Midwest. They ordered five

What can we make for you?
After the things to do in Chicago!

After the show, see the best of Chicago. Here are a few links to articles with the best things to do in Chicago.
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