Dear Residents, Families, and Friends of TNDC: 

Skilled nursing facilities have been under some sort of visitation restriction since March of 2020. It has been an incredibly difficult and long 11 months for all. The Neighbors of Dunn County were excited this past summer to have the opportunity to offer outdoor visitation for our residents. Though this was not the same as pre-pandemic visits, it was a step in the right direction. Unfortunately due to our geographical location and the frigid winter weather we had to stop outdoor visitation in the late fall of 2020. 

Dunn County, unfortunately, has experienced significant outbreaks, spread, and high numbers of COVID- 19 infections for many months. A metric that is used for many things including visitation is the county positivity rate. This rate is assessed in three levels; green is when the rate is below five percent, yellow is when the rate is between five and ten percent, and red is when the rate is above ten percent. When counties have a rate in the red zone it means restrictions are higher. TNDC is happy to share that Dunn County has now moved from the red zone to the yellow zone. The most exciting news from this change, is we are allowed to facilitate indoor visitation. Though still not returning to pre-pandemic visitation the current visitation we are able to facilitate is very similar to the outdoor visitation and is a step in the right direction. 

All first contacts of current residents have been contacted to schedule their first visit. Please click here to view the visitation schedule, as well as what to expect when visiting. TNDC is very excited for all of our residents to see their loved ones face to face and take a small step towards normalcy. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 715-232-2661. 

Carmen Flunker
Community Mentor/Nursing Home Administrator