Candle Lighting - 7:58 pm
Parshat Emor
A Message From Rabbi Brodkin
Dear Friends,

I am sure that I speak for all of us as we join our voice in Tefilla for all of those who have been touched by the horrible tragedy that took place in Meron (Israel) yesterday. I Daven that the injured will be healed and that those who have lost loved ones will be comforted.

I would like to dedicate this week's Lag b'Omer podcast learning to the merit of a complete recovery for those who are suffering, as well as in the memory of the lives taken away from us. May we know no more sorry.

I hope that you enjoy the look and layout our new email format. Kudos to Devorah Brodkin for making this happen! Plus, make sure to check out our website for links to more community information.
I’m excited to announce that on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, our community will be joined virtually by the renowned Torah scholar, Rav Ahron Lopiansky. Make sure to mark your calendar for May 12, 7:30 pm for Rabbi Lopiansky’s talk on “Planting the Tree of Torah” as we prepare for Shavuot. We plan to have a great Chag at Kesser Israel, including a Kids' Ice Cream Social on the second day of Shavuot (see below). PLUS, we will be offering a Tikkun Leil Shavuot on Sunday evening May16. More details will follow next week!
Today, Lag B’Omer, marks the Yahrzeit of Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai. It also marks the day that Shimon Bar Yochai revealed the Zohar, that great light of Kabbalistic wisdom, to the world. Lag B’Omer is a time that points us toward the light of Torah. To connect to that, we need to understand the life and legacy of Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
Bar Yochai disseminated Torah in the aftermath of the 2nd Temple destruction, when the Romans ruled over Israel. To connect to Bar Yochai’s story and legacy, tune into our latest podcast episode, A Great Light: The Legacy of Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Plus, make sure to check out our recent episode, How To Become Your Best Self in the Omer. 
Our live Zoom Drasha will return Wednesday, May 5 at 7:30 pm.
Shabbat Shalom & happy Lag B’Omer!
Rabbi Ken Brodkin
Welcome New Members
Welcome to our new members Akiva & Amanda Leeder & family, Dovid Yehuda & Faigy Rimmer & family, and Nachshon Wretch. We are excited to have you join the Kesser family!
Upcoming Events
Kesser Classes
Daf Yomi
Join us daily for Daf Yomi with Rabbi Fischer. Click this link to join the class live, and click here to see the schedule. You can download the entire Talmud for free on your mobile device with apps like Sefaria and

Parshat Hashavua
Join Rabbi Fischer every Monday evening at 7:30 pm to learn about the weekly Torah portion and get involved with a Q&A. To enhance your experience, read the Parsha before class. Join the Zoom meeting here.
Community Events
Join us for this one of a kind Summit this May. We have come together as a broad coalition of partner organizations and allies to create A Community Call to Confront Hate.

Participants will learn about implicit bias and have the opportunity to learn from breakout sessions that will deal with current issues around racism, antisemitism and other forms of hate. Most importantly, presenters will share their expertise on the strategies, resources and tools to help participants translate their commitment to social justice and equity into effective social action.
Community News
We extend our condolences to Eric & Laura Leibman on the loss of Eric's father, Jack Leibman. May the family be comforted. 
Davening Schedule
April 30 - May 7
Friday, April 30
Lag B'Omer
Daf Yomi - 6:15 am
Shacharit- 7:00 am
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat -
6:45 pm
Candle Lighting - 7:58 pm

Shabbat, May 1
Shacharit - 9:00 am
Daf Yomi - 6:55 pm
Mincha/Maariv - 7:55 pm
Havdalah - 9:08 pm

Sunday, May 2
Daf Yomi - 7:15 am
Shacharit - 8:00 am
Mincha/Maariv - 8:10 pm

Monday, May 3
Daf Yomi - 6:15 am
Shacharit - 7:00 am
Mincha/Maariv - 8:10 pm

Tuesday, May 4
Daf Yomi - 6:15 am
Shacharit  - 7:00 am
Mincha/Maariv  - 8:10 pm

Wednesday, May 5
Daf Yomi - 6:15 am
Shacharit  - 7:00 am
Mincha/Maariv - 8:10 pm

Thursday, May 6
Daf Yomi - 6:15 am
Shacharit - 7:00 am
Mincha/Maariv - 8:10 pm

Friday, May 7
Daf Yomi - 6:15 am
Shacharit - 7:00 am
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat -
6:45 pm
Candle Lighting - 8:07 pm