Looking Back at 2019
We are pleased to share our 2019 annual report, highlighting the milestones that keep our vision for the river park and gardens moving forward, and the contributors who make this work possible.
Education, Advocacy and Stewardship
A hearty thanks to the volunteers that toil to make GRPG a more beautiful place, especially the individuals who come out weekly to make a difference in the Heritage Rose Garden and along the Guadalupe River Trail. You helped us log 226 volunteer hours in June.

Help continue to contain the spread of COVID-19 and keep our parks and trails open by maintaining social distancing outside your household while you enjoy the outdoors.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are hard at work removing weeds and deadheading in the Heritage Rose Garden and Rotary PlayGarden, as well as picking up litter along the park's trails. Want to help? We have an array of socially-distanced weekly offerings, and it's a great way to help the park and get some exercise and fresh air.

You can also join our partners at the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition for community cleanups along the Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek corridors.
Camp Guadalupe Goes Virtual
Camp Guadalupe, our summer camp, transitioned to Zoom in June and welcomes a group of eager campers three days a week. Pictured are instructors Aly, Khrystal, and Akshita, along with special guest Slossac Newton, who helps keep activities fun and engaging. Want to come to camp? Spots are available for ages 5-12 on a drop-in basis through August 13th.
Visitor & Education Center Revitalization
Thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor, the Visitor & Education Center is receiving a much-needed revitalization. Look out for fresh green paint in the coming weeks and new plants in the fall. We hope you share our excitement at the fresh look of our park's front door, and as a catalyst for further improvements to the river park and gardens.
Urban Confluence Ideas Competition for Arena Green
Submissions to the Urban Confluence Silicon Valley international ideas competition for an iconic landmark in Arena Green are available for public review and comment beginning Monday, July 27th. What do you think this new destination in the park should be?
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