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Shelter Awards distributed

Award winner 2016
Michigan Pet Fund Alliance board members have been visiting the 2016 award-winning shelters to meet the hard-working staff members and shine a light on their success.

Recent visits have included:

Micro Shelter with the Greatest Lifesaving Improvement:  Sanilac County Animal Control ,
10.21% improvement.    J im Watson,  Sanilac County Shelter Director, commented "It is so rewarding to be recognized for improvement. When we took over the shelter most of the animals did not leave alive. I couldn't sleep at night. We are a team of three. When I've reached the end of my rope, my team members encourage me and keep me going and hopefully I do the same for them. Improvement is truly a team effort". Sanilac County Animal Control now saves 96% of the animals that come in the shelter. Mr. Watson also manages Tuscola County Animal Control.

Medium Shelter with the Greatest Lifesaving Improvement:  Romulus Animal Shelter, 10.06% improvement. 
Bonnie Freeman, Director of Ordinances and Animal Control, has made it her mission to improve the shelter's live release rate by implementing new programs to increase the number of adoptions and transfers. Working with a supportive staff and some great volunteers, they are getting the word out to residents and getting more exposure for the animals.

The   2016 Michigan Shelters by Save and Live Release Rate  report is  here  with the resulting list of award winners  here .

James Matson, Sanilac County Shelter Director receives award from Deborah Schutt, MPFA chairperson. 

(L-R): MPFA chairperson Deborah Schutt presents award to City of Romulus Animal Shelter staff members Bonnie Freeman, Annie Hall, and Rae Lipkowski.  Photo courtesy of the City of Romulus. 

MI Animal Welfare Fund grant applications due Nov. 20

Remember  the option you had when filing your Michigan income taxes to donate part of your refund to the state's Animal Welfare Fund? Now it's time for those funds to be awarded to qualifying registered animal shelters.

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's Animal Industry Division is currently accepting applications for Animal Welfare Fund grants to be used in 2019. Through this fund, MDARD has distributed thousands of donated dollars to registered animal shelters, and this year the fund could provide more than $125,000.

Since 2010, the Animal Welfare Fund tax check-off has provided, by generous Michigan taxpayers, more than $1 million to 121 facilities. The funds go directly to registered shelters for programs that increase the number of dogs and cats that are sterilized prior to adoption, provide anti-cruelty training for animal law enforcement agencies, create animal care programs, and assist shelters with the unreimbursed costs of care for animals involved in law violations.

For more information on the animal shelter program or how to apply for a grant, go to  www.michigan.gov/animalshelters. The  Animal Welfare Grant Application
form is here and associated project forms are here

Applications  must be received ( not postmarked ) by November 20, 2017. The grant cycle is   February 1 - December 31, 2018. 

See the chart below for projects that were  funded in 2016.
2016 MI Animal Welfare Projects - MDARD

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