As we come to the end of 2022, this is a good opportunity to look back at the significant collection of new products Vista Clara has released over the past 3 years. Despite the global pandemic and economic challenges, we’ve continued to deliver technical innovation and market leadership in NMR geophysics. 

Check out some of the key milestones below.

January 2020 - Javelin Wireline Slim

Vista Clara President, Dave Walsh, traveled to Hanover, Germany to provide on-site training and support for the Leibniz Institute of Applied Geophysics (LIAG), one of the first customers to deploy the new Javelin Slim Wireline system. 


Javelin Slim provides the largest diameter of investigation of any small or medium diameter magnetic resonance logging tool.


Ideal for PVC-cased or open boreholes from 3in to 12in (7.6cm to 30.4cm), Javelin Slim’s compact downhole electronics provide high resolution characterization of aquifer properties including volumetric water content, pore size distribution, porosity, and hydraulic conductivity.


This flexibility makes it well-suited for small to medium diameter core holes and groundwater wells, ranging from 3 to 12 inches.

The Javelin Slim has been delivered to customers on six continents and is the world's most popular NMR logging tool for groundwater, environmental and geotechnical investigations. Its rapid adoption among geophysical service providers has enabled NMR logging to be utilized much more widely and routinely in groundwater-related investigations.

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August 2020 - Javelin Wireline Max

Vista Clara introduced the new Javelin Max Magnetic Resonance Logging tool with 3.5in (89mm) and 5.25in (133mm) probes that allow for operation in a wide range of medium and large diameter groundwater wells.

The tool of choice for large bores up to 18 inches (46 cm) Javelin Max’s powerful permanent magnets polarize hydrogen contained within the nucleus of water molecules to characterize aquifer properties including volumetric water content, pore size distribution, porosity, and hydraulic conductivity.

Simultaneous multifrequency data collection in up to three diameters of investigation speeds up logging time while ensuring that the sensitive zone is outside the zone disturbed by drilling.

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December 2020 - Second Generation Dart NMR tool with Direct Push Options 

In late 2020, Vista Clara introduced major upgrades to the Dart product line, including an all new Dart Control Unit with an advanced embedded data acquisition system and a new power amplifier for increased output power, and an improved Dart sensor for higher SNR.


Vista Clara demonstrated a version of the Dart portable NMR logging tool that can be deployed through direct push driven casings. Geoprobe® pioneered Direct Push Subsurface Sampling Technology using a machine “pushes” tools and sensors into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil and make a path for the tool. 


Deployment of Vista Clara Dart tools in a Direct Push process provides rapid NMR logging results without the cost and hassles of pre-drilling boreholes in each situation.


Key advantages include:

- Ability to acquire downhole data with high efficiency and minimal footprint (small rig)

- Minimized environmental disturbance

- No generation of drill cutting (which may be contaminated)

- No need to install permanent well (which could be a long-term  liability)

- Very high quality NMR data because there is not disturbance from an oversized bit

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Deploying NMR through a Geoprobe® direct push casing.

July 2021 - GMR Flex

Vista Clara introduced the new highly portable and lower cost GMR Flex surface NMR system, with initial commercial deliveries to Leibniz Institute of Applied Geophysics, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany in July 2021, and the US Geological Survey in 2022.

Packaging the most advanced features and high output power into a lightweight platform, GMR Flex enables fast and efficient surveying of groundwater systems at depths to 80 meters (260 feet). Modular components can be combined to optimize depth of investigation while minimizing equipment weight and size. 

In its most compact configuration, the GMR Flex transmitter can be operated from batteries with

no additional modules. Modules for tuning and DC capacitance can be added to increase output power and depth of investigation. In addition to standard GMR features, the GMR Flex also includes ultra-fast switching for dead-times of less than 1 ms.

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May 2022 - Javelin Micro

With a 1.75in (44mm) diameter, Javelin Micro is the world’s first wireline NMR tool capable of logging 2in ID PVC cased boreholes.


Javelin Micro provides high-resolution, continuous measurements of principal aquifer properties for groundwater and environmental investigations. 


Logging 2in diameter PVC wells is a common requirement for many environmental remediation applications.


Key features include:

- Runs from Javelin wireline NMR surface unit, and 4-conductor wireline

- Supported by standard Javelin Pro Software for in-field and in-lab data analysis

- Comes standard with 2 frequency detection, with 2 simultaneous diameters of investigation of 9 inches and 10 inches

- Tuning frequencies can be increased for smaller diameters of investigation and higher SNR/faster logging speed if desired

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June 2022 - Pre-Polarization Module for GMR Flex

The all-new GMR Flex Pre-polarization Module provides a controlled and boosted static magnetic field to enable precise, high signal-to-noise ratio measurement and imaging of water content in the top 3 meters of the subsurface, even when using very small detection loops. The GMR Flex Pre-polarization Module and software also enable effective detection and imaging using small loops in high noise environments.


This technique works by generating a large DC current through a dedicated multi-turn induction coil. The DC current loop generates a large static magnetic field, which increases the polarization and magnetization of water in the ground, enabling up to 10 times higher signal amplitude from water in the top few meters. The pre-polarization current is shut off in a fast and controlled manner, just prior to transmitting the NMR excitation pulse(s).

The GMR Flex pre-polarization can operate from external batteries up to 36V, and has impressive technical specifications that enable fast and precise pre-polarization NMR measurements.

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May - Sept 2022 - New Dart Enhanced with Direct Push and CPT Options

By packing the power of magnetic resonance logging into a compact, low-cost, highly portable, battery powered system, that is easily transported and operated by a single user, Dart opens up a wide range of applications possibilities. With Direct Push, Dart also adds value by eliminating drilling, reducing costs and minimizing impacts from drill cuttings and substrate disturbance.


Vista Clara, ConeTec, Geoprobe and Georgia Tech researchers partnered to deploy a Vista Clara Dart Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) probe via a cone penetrometer test (CPT) rig to measure water content and porosity in a mine tailings facility. Vista Clara geophysicists collected CPT-NMR logs to depths of 75ft in tailings material at the mine site.

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Watch for more exciting new technology advancements and product introductions in 2023!

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