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Visualizing Momentum for Change Milestones in our Interactive Annual Report
We're excited to let you know we have just launched our new, interactive annual report! The fully digital report presents our milestones from last year, as well as tells the story of the 12 winners of the 2014 Momentum for Change Award in an engaging and creative way.
By using a combination of infographics, animation, photos and videos, the annual report makes data digestible. The interactive elements highlight the real results and growing numbers our winning activities are having in tackling climate change.
We wanted to make data a key part of the design so that users can see an impressive by-the-numbers recap of major milestones, while at the same time feel inspired by the climate action underway around the world in the critical run-up to Paris.
The annual report also comes ahead of next month's announcement of the winners of the 2015 Momentum for Change awards.
We hope you enjoy the experience and that you share it far and wide! Please help our winning activities get the recognition they deserve by retweeting us on Twitter or sharing the annual report on Facebook.
Scouting for Green
Do you know an entrepreneur who is doing something extraordinary for the environment and his or her community? If so, the Ground_Up Project wants to hear about it!

The Ground_Up Project is launching a pilot program called
Scouting for Green to gather information about green businesses around the world and the challenges they face.

To sign up, email your CV and a short paragraph to with the subject line "Scouting for Green" by Friday September 18th.