November 13, 2017
What parts of a building come to mind when you think about aesthetic design? It's most commonly the shape of the building, exterior wall treatment, interior decor, lighting, or landscaping. The one thing that never comes to mind.......the roof! For some people it may be time to change that ideology.

During a recent trip I observed several roofs that offered very appealing aesthetics from higher elevations. These roofs utilized simple, inexpensive, and commonly used components to achieve their design. Two of the most effective and oft overlooked products that can be used to achieve an aesthetic design are colored ballast (rock) and tinted coatings. See the photos below for a few examples.
Gravel Ballast Design
The example to the right is located at a resort in Hawaii. This design utilizes different colors and types of ballast to show contrast and shape. The different colors of ballast can be embedded in an asphalt based system or "framed" in a traditional single-ply ballast application. Notice the different designs, colors, and patterns used on each roof area.
Tinted Coating Design
The example to the right is located on a resort in Hawaii and the example below is located on a hotel In Miami, FL. Both of these designs utilize tinted coatings which act similar to a paint. The color pallet and design options are virtually endless when implementing these products. These products can be installed over almost any roof type including EPDM and TPO single ply membranes. Notice that the rooftop mural in Miami, FL included coating/painting the rooftop mechanical equipment.
Hopefully you find information interesting. Call or email to discuss how this type of design may be implemented on your next project!

Project Consultant