Issue 166| March 10th, 2020
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Xercise and Immune Function
Did you know that Xercise Xponentially strengthens your immune system?

This is why people who have an Xercise habit get sick less than those who don't.

Click the video to the right and click the blog link button below to find out why Xercise is so Xtremely vital to your ability to fight off nasty bugs like COVID-19!
X Gym Stays Strong Through Coronavirus Event
It turns out the X Gym was already perfectly suited for such times as this for several reasons:

  • We are Xtra clean and always have been. Our trainers have always been Xcellent at wiping down, disinfecting, cleaning, etc. And now we are even better because of our team communication, cooperation, and how much we care about our members!

  • X Gym is a private personal training and small group training studio, so traffic is limited, we know everyone, and it never gets crowded.

  • We have been doing live online training for years now, so we are already seasoned Xperts, which makes the transition easy for those who want to switch over temporarily if they have to stay home (or choose to).

  • Our App has been going strong for quite some time now, providing people with yet another option to keep their Xercise habit going without any interruption. This lets them continue getting fitter instead of going backwards like other people who have stopped exercising lately.

  • Our founder, PJ, has been a health researcher for decades, which means he knows how and where to find best and latest info on the current concerns, and of course, updates everyone at the X Gym and those on the VIP list like you!

Don't let this current health event make you lose your valuable fitness progress and momentum! Keep it going with all the great X Gym options to choose from!
Another Happy Online Member
Linda tells her story of her live online X Gym training Xperience from the other side of the USA!

Click the video to the right to see how she got fitter, stronger, and faster as an Xtreme tower runner.
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"To enjoy the glow of good health,
you must exercise.” 
- Gene Tunney
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