Our TOP Plus Plus Items!
Our TOP Themed Play Tubes
 In Order of Sales (Quantities of 6)
Our TOP Boxed Sets
 In Order of Sales (Quantities of 4)
Learn To Build Basic #05005 $12.50
Basic 300pc. #05033 $9.00
Basic 150pc. #05027 $5.00 (6)
Aircraft 170pc. #03724 $6.50
Pets 170pc. #03727 $6.50
Robots 170pc. #03726 $6.50
TOP Accessory Item & Top Large Tube
Baseplate Duo #05011 $5.00 (6)
Basic 240pc. #05030 $7.50 (6)
Plus Plus Big - Geared for 2 year olds
In Order of Sales
Plus Plus Big Basic 15pc #05021 $5.00 (6)
Plus Plus Big Basic 45pc #05023 $10.00 (4)
Plus Plus Big Pastel 15pc #05022 $5.00 (6)
Please Welcome
Catherine Coury
Sandy Ruben and Associates
We are so excited to announce the hiring of Catherine Coury, who is joining the Team of Sandy Ruben and Associates! Catherine has 20 years experience working with Gund. Besides being extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and innovative, she has also created a tremendous number of friendships with the owners and buyers that she has worked with over the years.
We feel extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic rep join our already incredible team.
Catherine can be reached at 732-841-9372 or catherinecoury2@hotmail.com
Heebie Jeebies
15% - 20% Off Sale!
The following are on sale until October 19th, 2018
Chromatography Kit
$9.20 save 15% $7.82 (6)
Bacteria Farm
$9.20 save 15% $7.82 (6)
$8.00 save 20% $6.40(6)
DIY Wall Clock
$4.50 save 15% $3.83 (6)
Wheeler's Fiber Optic Lamp
$6.50 save 15% $5.53 (6)
$11.50 save 10% $10.35 (7)
$6.00 save 20% $4.80 (6)

$3.50 save 20% $2.80 (12)

Liquifly Fizzrocket
$3.50 save 10% $3.15 (24)

Remember, this
sale ends
October 19th!
Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart for Toddlers
We have just picked up this new line of board books, JamJam Books. With just four titles, we wanted to align with this rapidly growing company early on.
The titles are priced at $8.00 cost and currently are:
My First Ballet
My First Beethoven
My First Mozart
My First Vivaldi
We think we have a hit!

There Will
Always Be…
I have lots of late nights working in hotel rooms. As background, Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows to have on while working. Mark Cuban told a budding entrepreneur on the show "You're going to drown in opportunity."
I love this quote. I have seen many energetic business owners who are all over the place. They have so many fantastic ideas, that if they did even a small fraction of them, would put them out of business.
I believe in slow, steady growth, and keeping a focus on what works for your business. There will always be a leasing agent recruiting you to the next strip mall. There will always be a family member urging you to add an ice cream shop to your store. There will always be your staff member's son/daughter who will help you make a fortune with online sales.
The opportunities are endless. That's why we love what we do. Just don't drown, as you have so many "fantastic" ideas.
The Sandy Ruben Team
Sandy Ruben (NC/SC/VA/AL/MS) 843-696-4464 sandyruben@hotmail.com
Tom Darnell (TN/KY) 615-945-8939 darnelltoys@gmail.com
Katherine Hodges (NC/SC) 919-244-8774 toyrep@nc.rr.com
Don Smith (GA/AL) 919-749-8038 donsmithSRA@gmail.com
Valerie Bernstein (AL/TN/GA) 678-595-3062 valeriebernstein1@gmail.com
Misty Blalock Audish ( NC/SC/VA) 704-258-7367 mbaudish@gmail.com
Rachel Jones (VA/NC) 218-230-8898 toysalesrep@hotmail.com
Dee Senter (SC/MS/NC) 803-414-7207 dsentertoyrep@gmail.com
Catherine Coury (TN/SC/NC/FL) 732-841-9372 catherinecoury2@hotmail.com