Vixens Inc. - Mogul
The Vixens building in New Bradford is a beautiful site to land at and take a break in gardens that rest on top of the world.
It was designed to embody resilience for a City that wouldn’t give up, representing the years of passion devoted to a community of heroes who always continue the fight.
Sitting at the edge of Byrne Park in New Bradford, right across from the Metro Station, it's one of New Bradford's most stunning buildings.
Titan City enjoys a rich history. It shines as a beacon of hope and opportunity to those who seek justice, a magnet for those who want to make themselves rich and famous - an irresistible lure to those who would do evil!
Vixens Incorporated is an iconic Titan City skyscraper that represents very special features of the City’s history.
The art design was conceived by famous artist Joerden Leigh, a founding architect of the city, with a unique modern design, vibrant colors, and dynamic heroine archer featured at the top of the structure.
Evolution of Vixens Inc. Mogul

Vixens is one of City of Titan's earliest art endeavors, with concept art drawn up by Joerdan Leigh for the mogul in the early years of the project. Below are some of these early drawings for Vixens that were used for the final model that's in the game: