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Dear Friend,
Vizcaya did not escape the wrath of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane-force winds tore off the lattice roof of the Tea House and uprooted many trees. Storm surge toppled statues and other stone work on the Barge, smashing them into pieces and the Boat Landing was reduced to rubble. The gardens were inundated with up to six feet of salt water and then covered with several tons of sea grass, muck and other debris after the storm surge receded. The basement of the Main House, including the Café and Shop, flooded and rainwater leaked into several of the decorated rooms, damaging some of the collections. 
The video below will provide you with a glimpse of Irma’s aftermath. Over the past two weeks, we have made much progress in cleaning up the gardens, especially thanks to the help of many volunteers. Vizcaya will reopen on Monday, October 2.

Please help us continue to repair, restore and replant by donating today via the button below. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.


Dr. Joel Hoffman
Executive Director
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens