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    Self- Harm and Teenagers

It isn't uncommon for young people to self-harm. Sometimes self-harming is temporary - but it's still a sign of deep distress.

There can be lasting consequences if teenagers who are self-harming don't get treatment. Counselling and psychological therapy can help them learn how to manage distressing feelings in the future.

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Congratulations On Your New Forever Home! 

Congratulations to Ariella Millet! Ariella was recently adopted by Crystal and Jude Millet. Thank you to Judge Tess Stromberg for officiating the adoption and to her CASA volunteer, Debra St. Pierre.

Congratulations to Hallie Mae! Thank you, Judge Jenifer Ward Clason, for officiating the adoption. 
Child Advocacy Services CASA volunteers
helped 9 children find safe,  permanent homes in June. 

"My CASA worker is so kind, helpful and smart. Please don't change my CASA worker. "

                                                                                From 2018 CASA children's survey


 St. John & St. Charles - July 24th.
Livingston,Tangipahoa & St. Helena - July 23rd.
 Ascension, Assumption & St. James - August 27th.
East & West Feliciana - TBD

Thank You For Your Dedication and Commitment. 
Happy CASA Anniversary!
           Sandra R.- 17 years
Sharita S. - 6 years Melanie D. - 2 years
           Lelia D. - 16 years Sara E. - 5 years Kristal H. - 1 year
           Lucille S. - 9 years
Cecilia P. - 4 years
Caysie B. - 1 year
           Jane R. - 9 years Debra S. - 3 years Tina M. - 1 year
           Deborah R. - 7 years Oliver B. - 3 years Tiffany A. - 1 year
             Sherial L. - 7 years
William W. - 3 years Tiffany M. - 1 year
           Curtrel G. - 6 years
Jill J. - 3 years

             Renee K. - 6 years
LaToshia F. -  2 years

Congratulations and Welcome To Our Newest CASA Advocates! 

Ms. Beverly Hoofkin was recently sworn in by Judge Becnel. 
Ms. Hoofkin is ready to be a powerful voice for children in the 40th JDC!

Katusha Zeller and Gerry Urso were recently sworn in by Judge Blair Edwards. Katusha and Gerry are ready to be powerful voices for children in the 21st JDC!

Kellie Perrone and Kelsey Bittola were recently sworn in by Judge Blair Edwards.
Kellie and Kelsey are ready to be powerful voices for children in the 21st JDC!

Laeh Alexander was recently sworn in by Judge Mary Becnel. 
Laeh is ready to be a powerful voice for children in the 40th JDC!
Rachael Morgan
Florida Parishes Volunteer Spotlight
Rachael has been a CASA since 2015. She was a powerful advocate in finding permanency and closure for 8 children and is actively serving 4 other children. She has made lasting and positive impacts on the lives of all of the children to whom she has been assigned. Rachael's passion and positivity are infectious!  It is advocates like Rachael that make our program so wonderful. We cannot wait to see what she accomplishes next.
A few words from Rachael:
"As a busy mom of three, I often wondered how in the world I would fit CASA into my already tight schedule. But, the truth is, now, I can't imagine my life WITHOUT CASA. I truly love and care for my CASA kids as much as I love my own biological children. Kids in foster care need someone who will love them unconditionally. They need relationships, healthy ones. They need someone to step in, take them by the hand, and walk with them through what may be some of the darkest days of their life. They need someone to speak for them when they can't find the courage to do it on their own. They need to feel that they are worthy, special, loved, and never alone. So, what does CASA mean to me? It means intervening to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, and addiction. It means a new start for many children in a healthy home. It means relationships that will last a lifetime. It is not a burden to volunteer as a CASA. It is a privilege, and one that I do not take for granted. I am so happy that I ventured into CASA 3 years ago, and I can't wait to see what the future holds."

Kristin Stumbo
River Parishes Volunteer Spotlight

 Kristin and her family recently relocated from California to Louisiana for her husband's job at Valero.  The couple have three boys; the oldest is a junior in high school, second child a 7th grader and the youngest is a 4th grader.  Kristin stays busy with her children's activities but has always enjoyed volunteering in the community. 
Kristin has a good friend in California who is a CASA and encouraged her to volunteer.  Once she got settled, she began looking into CASA and decided that this organization was doing great things for children in St. Charles Parish and that she needed to be a part of it. 
 "After going through my training, I knew that my heart was being told to help give a voice to children who may not be heard."
In February, she was sworn in. She is a fairly new CASA volunteer but enjoys it and says she is glad she took a leap of faith and volunteered. 
Kristen's first case was a tough one. The brother of the children that she had been assigned to had died. Kristin took this case head on. She did an amazing job advocating for two beautiful four-year-old twin girls. In the end, the girls were reunified with their father who had been a huge part of the girls' lives since birth. The father expressed his desire to continue to care for his children and provide the best life for them.

"I'm currently on my second case thus far and although it can be difficult and emotional at times, I believe what I am doing as a CASA will make a difference. I often feel like I'm the lucky one because I'm able to help children and that's a great feeling!"
CASA supervisor Akeem Burl said it is a pleasure to supervise Kristin and watch her advocate for children in the River Region with such compassion and dedication.


Court Lingo

As Court Appointed Special Advocates, we are required to submit reports and testify regarding what is in our CASA child's best interest. This process can be intimidating to the most seasoned of advocates - laws change and there is always a new acronym for a service, court proceeding, or agency. Click here for a guide for some of the frequently used terms that you will hear during your tenure as a CASA Volunteer.

Please know how thankfully honored we are for your continued support!

Remember to keep your CASA Volunteer file up-to-date with your current
auto insurance card, driver's license, and contact information
And remember to visit your CASA child face-to-face at least   once a month.
How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

   What is SIDS?
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden, unexplained death of a baby younger than 1 year of age that doesn't have a known cause even after a complete investigation. This investigation includes performing a complete autopsy, examining the death scene, and reviewing the clinical history.
There are ways parents and caregivers can reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death. One way they can do this is by creating a safe sleep environment.
Click here for more information.

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Brave children tell their stories.  Courageous adults help these children through their trauma and assist them in finding a safe future.  Buttons of Bravery represent the journey of one child for a year under the care of Child Advocacy Services. 

Help hold them together through their experience by participating in the Buttons of Bravery Child Sponsorship Program. 

Thank you to our new and/or continuing Button of Bravery Child Sponsors. 

Dear Community Supporter,
With your help, CAS served 523 children with 212 volunteers through our CASA program in 2017.  Of those children, 172 were placed in safe and permanent homes.  Additionally, we performed 618 forensic interviews and provided 413 hours of counseling to over 95 children through our CAC program.
Child Advocacy Services, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. We appreciate your consideration to start or renew your child sponsorship for 2018.  Please remember your contribution is tax-deductible.

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