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September 1, 2019 | Issue #5
Voice Technique: Expand Your Ribcage!
Your intercostal (ribcage) muscles are so important to breathing and s inging! We don't usually think about, or even notice, what our intercostal muscles are doing. But when you sing, you can improve your breath control by being aware of your intercostal muscles, and by doing exercises to to improve strength and flexibility in your rib cage.

The external intercostal muscles are responsible for forced and quiet inhalation. They raise the ribs and expand the chest cavity. The internal intercostal muscles are responsible for forced exhalation. They depress the ribs and decrease space in the chest cavity.

Folk Song Favorites
Waltzing Matilda
This week's folk song favorite is Waltzing Matilda , and it really is one of my very favorites to play on my ukulele!

Discover more about Australia's national folk song, listen to this traditional performance , check out this super fun version by the Swingle Singers , or click here to download and sing or play for yourself!
Name That Tune
Have fun sight-reading these folk tunes! Do you recognize them?
You've Got Rhythm!
Here are some exercises for rhythm practice - good luck!
Composer Spotlight: Melissa Dunphy
Melissa Dunphy (born 1980) is an Australian-American composer of classical music. She is most notable for the Gonzales Cantata, a 40-minute choral piece in Baroque style that sets the text of the parts of the dismissal of U.S. attorneys controversy hearings in which former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testified. It was featured on the Rachel Maddow Show in 2009; Maddow described it as "probably the coolest thing you've ever seen on this show." Dunphy completed her doctoral degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. Dunphy is the composer-in-residence for the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus, for which she has composed several a cappella choral works since her appointment in 2015.

Melissa also came to the Tri-Cities in 2017 when the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers performed "The Gonzales Cantata," and I got to sing the role of Alberto Gonzales! Here are some of her pieces for voice: