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September 8, 2019 | Issue #6
Voice Technique: Vocal Cords (aka Vocal Folds)
The vocal folds, or vocal cords, are folds of tissue in the throat (inside your larynx, or voice box) that are key in creating sounds through phonation. As we breathe, the vocal folds are separated and make no sound, when we speak or sing, they come together to vibrate and make sound

It is important that you take good care of your vocal folds by staying hydrated, using good voice technique and not abusing your voice, and being aware of your own personal issues with allergies, respiratory illness, and acid reflux, which can all cause problems for your vocal folds.

Folk Song Favorites
Santa Lucia
This week's folk song favorite is Santa Lucia , a famous Neapolitan song, originally in the Neapolitan dialect and also often sung in Italian.

Check out some really different versions of the song:

Click here to download the song and sing or play for yourself!
Name That Tune
Have fun sight-reading these folk tunes! Do you recognize them?
You've Got Rhythm!
Here are some exercises for rhythm practice - good luck!
Composer Spotlight: Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was a German composer and musician of the Baroque period. He is known for instrumental compositions such as the Art of Fugue, the Brandenburg Concertos, and the Goldberg Variations, and for vocal music such as the St Matthew Passion and the Mass in B minor. Since the 19th-century Bach Revival he has been generally regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Western art musical canon.

I love singing music by Bach, as a chorister and as a soloist. Some of his greatest hits are: