September 2014
Vol 11, Issue 9



The cool weather is certainly a change, isn't it? Summer has been a time of opportunity and challenge. We've had great experiences and opportunities to encourage and help many that the Lord has brought our way. We had a great conference and are well on our way to building a strong network.  However, this has been a very financially challenging summer. I share briefly in this video about this, and a number of other topics not covered in this email, so hope you'll watch. 


I really hope you'll consider helping and partnering with us, as we reach out daily to those that might otherwise be alone in their struggle with homosexuality and same-sex attractions, and hurting families caught in the middle.  We could really use your help right now. 


SAVE THE DATE:  Hope Rising 2015, June 3-7, Ridgecrest, NC

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Living Breathing Hope
Why Me God?
Will You Be My Neighbor?
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"Living Breathing Hope" by Aqueena Smith

Director of Refuge, in Chicago IL

A Referral Ministry of Hope for Wholeness Network

When I began Refuge ministry at New Life Community Church in Chicago two and a half years ago, I did not realize how lonely I would feel being one of the few ministries in the inner city working with believers with sexual and emotional brokenness. When I began attending Exodus events in 2012, I sensed a feeling of belonging but still felt, as a leader, something was missing.


At the last Exodus conference in 2013, I had the privilege of sharing my testimony for the first time in front of Exodus attendees. Through all of the excitement built up, I was disheartened in learning that I would not have an opportunity to connect consistently to some of the ministry leaders I had met over the past year. However, the Lord provided a glimmer of hope for me. In the midst of chaos & confusion, the Lord saw me and answered the cry of my heart. He used two ministry leaders to encourage me, invest time in me, mentor me, and invited me to be a part of Hope for Wholeness Network. They didn't just ask me to be in a "club" or "group" to make their names great. They invited me to be a part of a movement of Christ's HOPE across the world in order to make God great.


Now having been a part of the Hope for Wholeness Network for well over a year now, I have been blessed to get to know other leaders across the country who minister to people seeking freedom from homosexuality. They have showed me a genuine heart of care, support, love, and acceptance. In all honesty, they have become family to me. At the 2014 Hope Rising Conference, the Lord breathed some encouraging words to me in a tangible way. I was able to facilitate 2 workshops this year, but I wasn't really at this conference to just serve. In one of the general sessions, the Lord led Janelle Hallman to ask the audience to raise their arms into the air. A few moments later, after sitting down, I sensed the Lord encourage me to receive. As the Lord allowed this word to echo in my heart and mind, streams of tears were flowing down my face. I realized that I wasn't at this conference to just keep "doing" for God. He was asking me to let myself receive His love and support from my brothers & sisters there. My heart was softened.


Another encouraging word I believe the Lord was speaking over me was the following: hope. To never stop hoping for the desires of my heart. I had lunch with a ministry leader, and this was spoken over me. I didn't realize then that in some ways, I was not walking in hope. But as I allowed the Lord to soften my heart to receivehope, my heart overflowed with the strength of God as a leader. A Scripture that resonates with me is this:


Psalm 130:7- Israel, put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full redemption.


In these revelations of truth, I have come to know that the Lord created Hope for Wholeness to be a living, breathing hope for those seeking sexual & emotional healing from the affects of homosexuality on their lives.


Picture of Miranda Pettit and Aqueena Smith, at our fall conference, Rising from the Ashes


Learn more about Aqueena, by visiting her profile page, read her story, and be able to contact her.

Why Me God? By McKrae Game

On a daily basis I read messages, hear phone calls, comments, prayer requests of agonizing remarks regarding same-sex attraction and homosexuality or homosexual desires.  These come from individuals, young and old, that are desperate to be normal and be rid of their same-sex attraction, and from parents of those affected.  They share of their agony; their words, the pain, the feelings of desperation, of exasperation, is palpable. 


Parents often share that they believe the grief of learning of their child's battle with or giving in to homosexuality is worse than going through their child's death.  They believe that they would know how to handle their child's death, but do not know how to handle this "choice." 


Individuals who have prayed for a lifetime against their struggle find it more and more difficult to resist the pull of the struggle of homosexuality as they mature and their bodies age.  They grow weak for companionship, not seeing any ease in temptation and not finding deliverance that has been promised.  They get frustrated to the point of suicidal thoughts and even actions.  The gay community says, more or less, "Come on in, the water is fine."  They are sold the idea that if they'll just give into their desires that all their aspirations will be satisfied. 


Obviously, this is the parent's worst nightmare.  The parents typically believe that if their son or daughter would just find a man or woman of the opposite sex that is right for them, then all their problems and struggles would be resolved and would go away like a bad dream.


Today, I've now walked this road of submitting my sexuality to God for almost 24 years.  I cannot say that I've done this always righteously or without failing.  It is more like repeatedly falling and getting back up while learning to ride a bike.  I love my wife, my kids, and my life, and more importantly, my God.  But, I freely admit that I walk as a man who still struggles with same-sex attractions, who has to often take my thoughts captive.  This is no different than any other Christian man or woman that is going to walk rightly before God.  Over and over again, this is our instruction from scripture, to deny ourselves and take our thoughts and actions captive under His obedience.  However, I fully understand that this seems archaic at best in today's culture.


I've come to realize that we are a very spoiled nation, compared to other countries thanks to a proliferation of television and internet shows. We struggle with and blur the lines between want and need, assuming the two are the same.  Many subscribe to a theology that God does not mean for us to struggle. 


Recently I watched an online show about Apple and other national brand factories within China.  What we see as slave labor and deplorable conditions, these workers and countries see as opportunity.  In comparison to our own conditions at home, I'd certainly agree.  Nevertheless, men and women, thousands deep, line up for these jobs. 


More recently, the Yazidis, who are Christians living in the area of Syria and Iraq, have been hunted down and beheaded; men, women, and children, if unwilling to convert to Islam. 


We cannot fathom such struggles.  Workers working for $1 an hour, working 12 plus hours a day, living in on-site dorms, but are thankful for the opportunity.  And people being slaughtered for their faith. 


A great many trust and believe, follow and worship God, when everything is going our way.

What if God does NOT heal you, change you, deliver you, free you, make you happy, bring you a God honoring mate, give you a job, pay your bills (on time or late), or fulfill your dreams and desires? Will you STILL serve Him, worship Him, love Him? OR Do you love and worship Him based on what you believe He will do for you? You will be very sadly disappointed, because He is not here for us. We are here for Him! Soon you will be faced with the decision of what to do: change your beliefs to conform to your own likings and desires or to submit to His will for your life. We could learn a lot from those being hunted by ISIS who choose death rather than renouncing their Christianity.


Many may hear of my ongoing struggles of 20+ years into my walk and be confused or even discouraged.  For me its just a part of daily living, just like all of my other guy friends who don't deal with this issue, but deal with their own.  It comes down to who God is.  Me?  Or Him?  Am I going to allow the struggles or distractions in my life to now compromise my service and worship of the Lord?

I've learned that the existence of my struggles causes me to lean into Him.  Many have the opposite reaction, believing that God does not mean for us to struggle.  I've come to learn that we ALL struggle in some way with something.  No one is excluded from struggling.  Some struggle moreso than others, some very differently, but this should not affect our relationship negatively with God but actually improve our relationship with Him.  He is the only One that can deliver us, but deliverance does not always mean to remove the storm.  Often times the Lord allows storms to continue, but remains faithfully by our side through the storm.  The question is-Will we remain to walk faithfully with Him as He is at our side? 


Joshua 24:15 "If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."


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Will You Be My Neighbor?

Do you remember Mr. Rodgers and "Will you be my neighbor?" If so, you're like me and showing your age.  What is a neighbor?  Is it someone who just lives next door? We've had a lot of colorful next door neighbors over the years, we're on our sixth in fifteen years.  The one before our newest neighbor was one of the more drama filled, but they always reached out to us when they needed something. Sometimes it was an egg to make French toast, "And, oh yeah, do you have some bread too?" And, because we were there for them in all the other times, they also reached out to us in the more personal times as well. Sometimes there were tears, sometimes there were questions about God, sometimes they asked me to talk to their son, and sometimes they asked for prayer.


You might not be surprised that ministries like Hope for Wholeness are not very popular or well funded, but I assure you that they are needed. The very fact that you are taking the time to read this verifies this. 


Each day we have the challenging yet welcomed opportunity to serve you and answer your call for help.  The phone rings, and we take the time to answer, help answer any questions you might have, and pray with you.  We ask your name and the name of your child, and take the time to pray with you. You'll know by how we help you the first time that you can call back anytime and get a listening ear and help with any problem that you are having. And now, when possible, we offer help through the Referral Network of Hope for Wholeness. 


Our ministry is one that needs its neighbors. We can't do this alone. Funds are always tight. The Lord uses partners like you to support this work. You and others rely on us for help in your time of need, and we rely on you to keep this work going. We reach out to you each month and now admit that yes, at this time, we are in need.  But the Lord IS always faithful.  He has always supplied, and He will continue. He's there for you as well. 


Please consider what you can do to help this ministry. We hope to be able to continue to meet the ongoing needs of the ministry but equally important, to grow to meet the needs of those who call on us for help.  We want to be good neighbors to those who are in much need of someone who cares and can help. Will you be our neighbor, our partner, and help us as we help others? 


Would you please consider a special gift to help us to get past a month to month financial state?  Please also consider becoming a monthly supporter.  However you can help, we greatly appreciate it.  And if you cannot help, or need our help, please call on us.


In Him,


McKrae Game, President


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