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Issue 10 / November 2022

PEP Fall Updates

During the fall months of 2022 PEP and its youth leaders/trainees have been hard at work. PEP staff and trainees have attended trainings, such as the WV Alcohol Beverage Control Agency (ABCA) Conference, Empowering youth in prevention, and Ace's conference. PEP held its annual teen summit on September 14th for middle school and 15th for high school. The youth leaders and trainees did a wonderful job presenting at the middle school teen summit. Click here to see photos of the 2022 Teen Summit. 

PEP has been busy with many events these past few months, check out this article to learn more about PEP's community events.

Community Outreach Summer Activities

PEP Updates!

The image above was taken at a Lilly's Place Halloween Event and includes many of our youth leaders and trainees. If you are interested in what this group has been up to check out this article

-Alexandra Biddle 


Language-Matters image

Stigmatizing Language "Do's and Don'ts"

Using negative stereotypical language continues to dehumanize those who have substance misuse disorders, therefore, decreasing the likelihood of them seeking help. Using non-stigmatizing language is not only important when conversing with someone who has a substance misuse disorder, but when talking to any person within society.

-Becca Hull


Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs can have dangerous interactions when consumed together. It is important to know how different drugs will interact with alcohol, to protect your friends and yourself. Knowing the signs of alcohol poisoning or an overdose could save a life!

-Alli Chapman


Last Laughs

Saying no to drugs and alcohol is a hard decision to make against what society does today. Saying no can help keep you safe and healthier. Live a stronger life by saying no. Enjoy these prevention-based memes focused on saying no!

-Jada Kent



Asking for Answers

Asking for Answers is the section with the goal of answering 2-3 questions that teens ask most frequently. This month's issued article targets questions surrounding substance misuse and how it affects your daily life.

Click here to read the answers to our most recent questions!

-Lydia Houdyschell

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