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Singing Solutions for a Fussy Baby!
Create memories....get some sleep


The emotional and physical benefits of singing to your baby are well documented and create an essential bond with your child.  Singing lullabies also helps you and your baby get needed sleep and will give you both indelible memories of a happy childhood!

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Beth Lawrence - Singer, Songwriter, Educator

Singing Solutions for a Fussy Baby!
Create memories.... get some sleep!


I want to talk about the calming power of the voice on babies, in particular.  We've used the power of song to soothe children; the elderly; and the sick and dying for literally thousands of years, and no matter what your voice sounds like, it is an instrument that has great effect on the mind and body.


One of the most cherished memories from my childhood is remembering my mom singing me to sleep.  If you're a soon-to-be, new, or seasoned parent, don't overlook the importance of singing to your child, even before birth!


Even if you think you can't sing, your baby will not only recognize, but IDOLIZE your voice.  There are no 'American Idol' judges when it comes to the sound of your voice.  To your baby, it's sweet music.  A lullaby will soothe and calm a sick or agitated baby; distract a willful child, and redirect a fussy behavior.  Even babysitters can reap benefits from treating their client's children to a lovely, soothing song!


Try making up a simple melody that you can sing to your baby that will be his/her unique song.  It will become a familiar part of your daytime, and nightly routine.  You can even put your baby's name in the song to make it extra special.  A melody with just a few simple notes works best, and a repetitive melodic phrase soothes and calms both you and your little one.


And parents!  If you want a good nights sleep for your child, AND yourself, put on a lovely lullaby CD at bedside and your baby will have a tranquil and restful sleep.....and what could be better than that?  (I'm partial to my CD 'Land of Sleepytime!) Sing along with the CD and you'll gain confidence as a singer and happy smiles from your entranced baby.  


Your voice is a powerful communication tool as well as a means to bond emotionally with your baby.  No matter what you may think of your singing voice, your baby loves the sound, as well as the attention you are giving him/her while singing.  And don't forget about the wonderful, subtle vibration your baby feels while you're holding and singing to him/her.


I will never forget the fond memories of my mom singing to me.  She was giving me her undivided attention while lavishing me with unconditional love in the form of a simple song.  It was pure magic.  Create those magical moments for your child by singing to them throughout the day; at naptime, and before sleepytime.  The benefits will be obvious to you immediately, and will last a lifetime for your baby.







Please remember - you can get rid of nodules without surgery! 

Over 30 years ago I kept getting nodes, until I finally found a great mentor who taught me Bel Canto singing.  I never got nodes again, and have had a healthy voice ever since!  I specialize in vocal rehabilitation, and love to see the joy when clients get their voice back and get a healthy voice for life!!



A healthy voice comes from a healthy body, and a calm, happy mind.  Treat yourself well and your voice will reflect your healthy lifestyle!





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