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Issue 23 - August 2020 Newsletter
Message from our Executive Director
August 11, 2020 marks what would have been 36 years of marriage with my beloved Ivory Davenport, Jr. Unfortunately, he passed away many years ago from CANCER.

We had so much joy in our relationship. There were hard times, but together we made it through. He supported me and the work that I do. We experienced so many great memories... too many to reflect on in this writing.

A mentor once asked me, "what would you advise survivors of domestic violence to do about their relationship? Do you tell them to forgive and go back? Do you tell them to "just" move on?"

What I share with survivors of domestic violence is that life is made up of many choices. Oftentimes, deciding to stay or to leave is the most common choice survivors must make. One of my roles as an advocate is to help survivors identify their choices and to guide them as they safely implement them. As an advocate, I'm here to support the decisions survivors make and empower them with tools to help them make the best choice for them!

Dr. Patricia Ann Davenport
Executive Director
Our House, Inc.
662-336-1129 (mobile)
Debunking the Top 5 Self-Care Myths

notes By Erica Wilcox Self-care has gained notable momentum in the wellness community. We are all familiar with the concept that we, "cannot pour from an empty cup" or that we must, "put on our oxygen masks first before we help others."

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15 Fun Self-Care Ideas for
Daily Living

The key to finding time and balance is to incorporate self-care into what we are already doing. Here are a few discoveries to get you started.

1. In the kitchen,  squat for anything lower than the counter top  (strengthens pelvic floor muscles for men and women).

2. Make a game out of preparing a meal –  “once around the kitchen”  – see if you can go once around the kitchen and collect all the things that you need for a meal. Start with breakfast (saves time and keeps you focused in the present moment).

3.  Exercise with no electronics!  Use time for breathing and centering (improves focus and awareness).

4.  Put things away after use  (requires only a small amount of time, keeps environment uncluttered, relaxed).

5.  Keep water glass/bottle within reach  – sip when thinking/talking on phone (encourages hydration).

6. Ongoing shopping list –  plan meals for the week  and buy weekly (saves time).

7.  Take time to laugh, smell the flowers, and enjoy a precious moment  (boosts energy and appreciation).

8.  Eat meals mindfully  without distractions such as TV, iPhone, ear buds, music, or reading. Enjoy the colors of the food, feel the textures, be aware (enhances digestion and nourishes while eating less).

9.  Take frequent breaks  – pause at least hourly for three or four slow, cleansing breaths (refreshes and rejuvenates energy.

10.  Walk around  as you speak on the phone and focus on your breath (provides exercise and centering).

11.  Begin to prepare for bed 30 minutes before  and turn off any noise in the environment such as TV, music, iPhone, etc. (decreases stimulation, allowing the body to prepare for sleep).

12.  On the road, drive in stillness.  Breathe and pay attention to the world around you (helps you arrive refreshed, rejuvenated, and centered).

13.  Allow the telephone to ring twice  and take a couple of centering breaths between the first and second ring (allows you to become more alert and aware)

14. Rather than using the drive-through,  park and walk  into banks, restaurants, dry cleaners, coffee shops, etc. (promotes exercise and, as a bonus, you may receive quicker service).

15. Take at least five minutes to look out the window or  sit outside in silence  to observe and listen (increases your alertness and awareness).

Excerpted from Self-Care: A Busy Person’s Guide for Finding Time & Balance.  Reprinted with permission from the American Holistic Nurses Association.  www.ahncc.org .
I can't breathe!
(Below are videos reflecting racism in America.
Racism is ongoing in our nation, it is important that we educate others.)
The song below started in my heart, traveled to my head, and then moved to my fingers onto the piano. From there, my colleagues got involved. I shared my vision, and this song was birthed into life. I hope you enjoy our collective effort to speak to the ongoing social injustice against people of colour. I hope this makes you proud.
-----Alfred "Coach" Powell
Positive Images of our Future
Social Justice Voices
Those who have lead the way...
Why Oprah Gave Up Her Cover for the First Time Ever to...

To continue the fight for Breonna Taylor: 1) Sign the Change.Org and Color of Change petitions to demand justice from Kentucky officials. 2) Call Kentucky's attorney general, mayor, governor, and the public integrity unit of the Louisville Metro...

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MISSISSIPPI HB 1386 has passed
Advocate Confidentiality Law; establish procedures for disclosure.

An Act To Create The Advocate Confidentiality Law; To Provide That Communications Of Victims Of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking And Human Trafficking With Advocates Are Confidential; To Establish Procedures For Disclosure In Limited Circumstances; To Provide For In-camera Review Before Disclosure; To Amend Section 93-21-109, Mississippi Code Of 1972, To Conform; And For Related Purposes.

Sponsors (3):

Approved by Governor  (on 6/29/2020)

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Our Vision Statement
A world without interpersonal violence.

Our Mission Statement
To lead, empower and inspire change by eliminating domestic violence and sexual violence through intervention, prevention, prosecution, victim protection and sustainable restoration in rural communities; and, to enhance the lives of survivors of interpersonal violence by providing services that meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of those we serve.

We are proud to acknowledge that Our House, Inc. is the only fully culturally specific agency in the state of Mississippi that addresses domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and dating violence within the African American community.