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Issue 25 - September 2020 Newsletter
Children are our future!!!
Message from our Executive Director

Children who live in homes where domestic violence is present are in more danger today than ever before.

Statistically, children are sexually abused mostly by someone they know.

The COVID-19 stay-at-home order has affected the livelihood of our future. Racial discord is also affecting the minds and emotions of our future leaders.

Does anyone have an answer as to how we can prevent this trauma from happening to our children? Yes, I know.. "by assisting them with healing". Okay...That's a good guess, but an ever better solution is to STOP The Violence!

Dr. Patricia Ann Davenport
Executive Director
Our House, Inc.
662-336-1129 (mobile)
Children are our Future!
Don't Take Away Their JOY!
Child Sexual Abuse

When a perpetrator intentionally harms a minor physically, psychologically, sexually, or by acts of neglect, the crime is known as child abuse. This page focuses specifically on child sexual abuse and the warning signs that this crime may be...

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The many faces of our next generation!
How Can Kids Concentrate on School After Trauma?

notes By Shelley Flannery It's normal for any child to have butterflies in their stomach on the first day back to school, but kids returning to the classroom after what 2020 has dealt us may be more than apprehensive.

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Positive Images of our Future
Social Justice Voices
"I Can't Breathe"
Racism is ongoing in our nation, it is important that we educate others.
School Social Work & Racial Justice: Stand Up, Speak Up, ...

As a White school social worker who worked in an urban district that primarily serves students and families of color, I am still livid that another Black son...partner...brother...friend...father, was taken with the murder of George Floyd. I...

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Those who have lead the way...
In memory of Chadwick Boseman

Resource Links

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Delta Health Alliance
  • Helpline:

Domestic Violence
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Nationwide Voices from Victim Service Advocates addressing the current status of racial upraising for change
North Mississippi Rural Legal Services
Our House, Inc.
RAINN-Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
Resource Sharing Project for Rural Communities
Sexual Assault Resources
UjIma, The National Center Violence Against Women in the Black Community
Will2Change (Click below to learn more)
Woman of Color Network
Don't Use Domestic Violence Victims to Derail Police Reform

notes By Melissa Jeltsen As activists demonstrate across the country to protest racism and police brutality, the call to " defund the police " has crystallized into a rallying cry.

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September 2020 Newsletter - MCADV

September 2020 Newsletter September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Throughout the month of September mental health advocates, prevention organizations, survivors, allies and community members unite to promote suicide prevention awareness....

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When a mother cries, The children cry. Violence against women is child abuse. End abuse against women….. end child abuse.
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Our Vision Statement
A world without interpersonal violence.

Our Mission Statement
To lead, empower and inspire change by eliminating domestic violence and sexual violence through intervention, prevention, prosecution, victim protection and sustainable restoration in rural communities; and, to enhance the lives of survivors of interpersonal violence by providing services that meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of those we serve.

We are proud to acknowledge that Our House, Inc. is the only fully culturally specific agency in the state of Mississippi that addresses domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and dating violence within the African American community.
It's n̶o̶t̶ violent - SOS Violence Conjugale

What if I told you this is violence? Click to discover a textversation that goes too far.

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