Two letters sent from 18 members of Congress on April 22 ask three of the nation's largest banks and four federal regulators to answer a series of questions about nonprofit organizations’ financial access difficulties, also known as bank derisking. Read the full story at C&SN News . (May 11th)

In order to effectively respond to COVID-19, humanitarian organizations need to rapidly move funds from the U.S. to hard-hit countries around the world. However, many nonprofits that work in fragile contexts often experience issues transferring funds due to bank “derisking,” which hampers their ability to rapidly respond to the global health crisis. Read the C&SN Blog . (May 6)

The Global Fragility Act (GFA) is intended to change the way the U.S. builds peace in fragile contexts. The Alliance for Peacebuilding and One Future Foundation’s new working paper, titled From Here to There: Successful Implementation of the Global Fragility Act provides recommendations for implementing the bill. Read the report summary at C&SN Abstracts . (May 13)

Hazem Rihawi was a first responder during the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in his hometown of Aleppo. After years of coordinating humanitarian programs in Syria, he is now based in Washington D.C. where he advocates for Syrian nonprofits. Read about the challenges local NPOs face at the C&SN Blog . (May 14)