We appreciate your interest in our organization and our mission; to help fund the ongoing research to find a cure for cancer. This newsletter is for sharing our most recent news, our upcoming events, and ways that you can help. See our past news here. As long as there is research to be done, our voices of hope will sing out for the cure!

Another Great Year!

On January 13th, Voices  of Hope was delighted to present a donation of $100,000 to the Mass General Hospital Cancer Cent er. The check represented the efforts of all of our members, voluntee rs and donors over the course of 2017 to support the cutting edge cancer resear c h being conducted at the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at MGH.   Since 2009, Voices of Hope has donated more than $600, 000 to cancer research. Of that total, nearly half a million has gone directly to the Termeer Center. 

Termeer Center director of nursing, Erika Rosato, MGH Development Director, Michelle Griffin, and Dr. Dejan Juric, Director of Translational Research at the Termeer Center were on hand for the check presentation. Dr. Juric shared with our members a story of a trial that was currently saving lives, and that had been made possible by our donations. "The support we receive from Voices of Hope enables us to conduct first-in-human clinical trials and translational research studies that help bring novel targeted therapies and immunotherapies to more patients, as quickly as possible," says Dr. Juric.  

Because of  you  we are able to continue to make such an impact.  Thank you.

A Hero Among Us

In addition to participating in our musical productions and group performances, many VOH members find alternate ways to fundraise for the organization. One of our members asked his friends to sponsor him for every mile he ran in 2017. 

By year's end, Roger Desjardins had run 1,000 miles and raised more than $15 ,000! His in c redible feat was recognized by the Boston Celtics at their "A Hero Among Us" c eremony in January.

As a follow up, Roger will be running in his first ever Boston Marathon in 2018! Once again, he will be running to benefit VOH, so please consider making a donation to support this true hero!

Working: a Musical

Working: A Musical  will be hitting North Shore Music Theatre on Saturday, May 5th!  

Nominated for six Tony Awards, this often funny, sometimes serious, but always genuine production (based on a best-selling book of interviews with American Workers) has been updated for the modern age. Featuring music written by Stephen Schwartz and James Taylor, along with new songs by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Working delivers a powerful contemporary score.

This ensemble show depicts the stories of 26 individuals, tracing the hidden connections between seeming strangers, and ultimately showing how they leave their mark in everything that they do.  This promo video offers a taste of the music and the vision behind this musical reflection of the American workforce.

Our silent auction will begin at 7:00 pm, and the show starts at 8:00.  Voices of Hope productions consistently sell out, so make sure you order your tickets now!  We look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like to learn about show sponsorship or ad opportunities in our program, please contact Ed Siegal at: 

Unseen Connections

In the final number of Working , the cast takes the stage to remind us one more time how they are all interconnected, via a single building.  One of them was the architect, another drafted the plans.  Still another worked on construction and yet another works in the office today.  We see the way each of these individuals are connected even though they don't know one another.  Haven't met.  Haven't ever even heard each other's names.  It's an example of how our impact as individuals can spread, even when we don't see the results in our own lives.   

At VOH, we are all similarly connected to the unseen cancer journey of the patients undergoing treatment at The Termeer Center at MGH. Each of us is keenly aware of our mission, and how that connects us to the Termeer Center team. There is no better way to celebrate that connection and the impact it has on patients, than when we present our annual donation to representatives from MGH.

This January, we were lucky enough to hear Dr. Juric tell us about a patient of his.  The man had come in with an aggressive form of cancer, and, since he was ready to fight it, they tried a radical approach.

And it worked.

Luckily for this individual, and for so many others who are short on time and options, the Termeer Center has established independent donors--including Voices of Hope--which allows them to provide their innovative treatment options to those patients who need an alternative now!

We will never meet these patients.  We won't know their names, or get to see what they do with the rest of their lives.  But we will have the pure joy of knowing that we helped make a positive difference in their lives.  That we have made an impact not just on them, but on everyone who loves them, and wants to spend a few more days at their side.

Thank you for all that you do.  Thank you for your impact.  

Upcoming Events and Performances 
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Saturday, February 17th: Merrimack Hockey National Anthem

Saturday, March 31st: Celtics National Anthem

Tuesday, April 10th: Red Sox vs Yankees National Anthem

Saturday, May 5th: Working: A Musical

Friday, July 27 th : VOH Golf Tournament

Saturday, October 13th: Save the Date for our 10th VOH Gala! You won't want to miss it. Details coming soon.

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Raise Your Voice With Ours!
Have you or a loved one been impacted by cancer? Want to sing along side us? Want to organize a fundraiser for us? Want to ask us to come sing at your fundraiser? Let us know!  We believe that each new voice brings us closer to the cure.
We appreciate your continued support of our March to A Million!  Since 2009, VOH has donated over $600,000 to cancer research, and nearly half a million dollars  to the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at the MGH Cancer Center.  We won't stop singing until our efforts help find a cure!