Voices of Hope Monthly Newsletter, November 2014 
Thanks for subscribing to the monthly newsletter for Voices of Hope! We appreciate your interest in our organization and our mission; to help fund the ongoing research to find a cure for cancer. Look here every month for our most recent news, our upcoming events, and ways that you can help. As long as there is research to be done, our voices of hope will sing out for the cure!
A Message From Voices of Hope  
During Thanksgiving we are reminded to take a moment to appreciate the blessings of our lives. For many of us, being able to participate in Voices of Hope is a blessing--a way that we can use our talents for something greater, to help and care for others.

VOH, in turn, is also blessed. We are blessed with talented and caring members, who share their gifts with us selflessly. We are blessed with a warm and welcoming community, who support and encourage us in our mission. We are blessed to be able to grow and prosper, and to make a difference--because of the generous and loving hearts of each and every one of you.

For these gifts we are sincerely grateful. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sing the National Anthem for the Celtics!
Celtics Logo

For those of you who have always wished you could take the court at the Boston Garden, here's your chance!  VOH has been invited to sing the National Anthem on March 1st for the Celtics, and we're holding a drawing for the chance to come sing with us!  One ticket is $10, or you can get three for $25.  The winner and one guest will get Voices of Hope shirts and a rehearsal with VOH before their big debut on the parquet.

For tickets contact Mike Consoli at mikeconsoli@comcast.net.  


Giving Tuesday
On Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2014, people around the world will unite for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. We hope that you will consider a donation to VOH this #GivingTuesday in support of the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Mass General Hospital. Because VOH is an all volunteer organization, the net proceeds from your donations go directly to essential cancer research.

Please visit us at www.voicesofhopeboston.org  and give, or you can find us on the #GivingTuesday website. 
Auditions for Godspell!!! 
Have you ever considered joining VOH? Do you want to use your musical or theatrical skills to give back, or to support someone you know who has battled cancer? Then consider joining us now, in time for auditions for our spring production of Godspell at the North Shore Music Theater! For more information on becoming a member, contact bconsoli@comcast.net.

We'll be doing the 2011 revival, with all of the beautiful new arrangements and harmonies. Expect to see the wonderful storytelling that VOH is known for, as well as the powerful, amazing numbers that showcase the entire cast. This show is about the hope that comes with building a community, a message that resonates perfectly with our own mission.

Auditions are at 6:30 on Tuesday, Dec.9th and Thursday, Dec.11th at the Nest. Callbacks will be Monday the 15th.  We hope to see you there!    
Recent Events

Thanks to Di Longtin
and iDance Boston for hosting a dance class fundraiser. The room was full of Fosse walks, and the night was fun!

We gathered to sing for LUNGevity's Breath Deep Boston 5K Walk
. Neither rain nor sleet nor the slight chance of being electrocuted by a mic can stop VOH, and it didn't stop the 1,700 walkers, either. Congratulations on a successful, if slightly frigid event!

Another successful evening of fun and friends at the 5th Annual Texas Game Night raised over $1000
! Thanks to all who attended, both the players and the partiers. 

VOH was pleased to carol through the streets of the Lynnfield Marketplace.
  Many of the shoppers there had their children along, and the crowd of dancing children was as entertaining to us as we were to them!

You can still order Texas Roadhouse Giftcards, it's not too late. The cut off date is Dec 1st, so find a VOH member with an order form and get yours now.
Spotlight: The Termeer Center
Liz, Luis, Patty, and Erika
Recently I was fortunate enough to sit down with some of the nursing staff from the Termeer Center. Elizabeth Johnson, Patty Lynch, Luis Brigida, and Ed Newbert all work as treatment nurses, and Erika Rosato is the Nurse Director. You'll be hearing more about them in the future, but for now I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about what they do.

Everyone's cancer journey is different, but like so much of the human experience there are common threads that hold throughout. First comes the diagnosis, then comes the discussion of possible treatment options. For some that means surgery, for others it can mean chemo or radiation. There are the waiting periods-waiting for the treatments to run their course, waiting for the scans to come back, waiting to hear the results from your doctor.

Thankfully, many patients have the blessing of hearing that they are cancer free. That all they have left to do is finish healing, and rejoice with their family and friends. Happily, their cancer journey is drawing to a close. Unfortunately, for some they can go through the entire process only to find that their treatment has not worked. That their cancer is still there.  Once this might have meant that their journey, too, was drawing to a close, but today-thanks to brilliant scientists, dedicated medical practitioners, and courageous patients-that isn't always the case.

This is where the Termeer Center, and others like it, come in. The Henri and Belinda Termeer Center offers patients targeted therapies: treatment drugs that are designed to specifically work on the cancer cells and do less damage to the rest of the body. The treatments they offer aren't just targeted, though. They are also new.

The Termeer Center is a research facility. They do phase one clinical trials, which means they're conducting the first round of testing in human beings. Drugs that have done well in the preclinical studies are administered to eligible recipients, then the patient responses are closely observed and recorded. This can mean staying in the center for hours under the watchful eyes of the nursing staff, whose primary concern is the safety and well being of their patients.

You might be tempted to chalk this concern up to professional pride, but all you have to do is speak with the nurses to understand that's not at all the case. The people who walk through the door for treatment are a vital part of the research done there, but they're also part of a family. The Termeer Family. Working with them, the nurses tell me over and over, is a privilege. Being allowed to walk someone through this difficult period in their life and seeing the depth it reveals in them is an honor. Being family with them-a family that encompasses the doctors, nurses, patients, and clinical staff-is a joy.

Their sincerity is apparent. They speak about their relationships with their patients and the bonds they build with each one. They tell me stories-some bittersweet-about the milestones their patients have reached, or the final precious days they got to spend with a loved one. They mention the comfort the patients can find, knowing that even if a trial doesn't cure them it may help someone else, further down the road. And they talk about the perpetual hope in their job, because there is always a new drug, always a new trial, always the chance that a cure for some specific cancer is just around the corner.  

So what do they do at the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies? I'm not sure this spotlight is long enough to list it all. They test new therapies, yes, but it's so much more than that. They offer options to those who thought they had run out. They offer friendship and support through what can be both a beautiful and heart wrenching journey. And they offer hope-not just to those patients in their Termeer Family, but to all of us-that someday cancer will be a chronic illness, but not a terminal one.

During this season of thanksgiving, among my many blessings for which I am grateful I will also be grateful for the entire Termeer Family, and the hope that they bring. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Upcoming Events
Come sing with us, or hear us perform!

Sunday, December 7th: Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Holiday Concert

Monday, December 8th: Clips for a Cure

Tuesday and Thursday, December 9th and 11th: Godspell Auditions

Saturday, December 13th: Christmas Caroling at Whole Foods Andover

Friday, December 19th: CRICO Holiday Party Caroling

Saturday, December 20th: Christmas Caroling at Whole Foods Lynnfield Marketplace

Sunday, December 21st: 31 Nights of Light at the Prudential Center

Saturday, May 2nd:  GODSPELL at North Shore Music Theater 

Would you like to see your event listed here?  Consider hiring VOH for your special night! 
Raise Your Voice With Ours!
Have you or a loved one been impacted by cancer? Want to sing along side us? Want to organize a fundraiser for us? Want to ask us to come sing at your fundraiser? Let us know!  We believe that each new voice brings us closer to the cure.

  We appreciate your support as we aim for our fundraising goals. Every year we strive to give more to the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Mass General Hospital, and it's all thanks to you!

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