Voices of Hope Newsletter, February 2016 
We appreciate your interest in our organization and our mission; to help fund the ongoing research to find a cure for cancer. This newsletter is for sharing our most recent news, our upcoming events, and ways that you can help. See our past news here. As long as there is research to be done, our voices of hope will sing out for the cure!
Because of Love
Valentine's Day will be upon us soon, and we are reminded that so many participate in VOH because of someone we love.  Whether we are parents, who perform in the hopes that our beloved children will never know what it is to lose someone to cancer, or children who have lost a parent too soon.  Whether we have supported a spouse or a friend on their cancer journey, or watched those we love surround us as we take our own steps on the road to recovery--we are, all of us, surrounded by love every moment, and we sing with love as well as hope in our hearts.

May this coming Valentine's Day be blessed with love for you and yours, in whatever form that love finds you. 
Fiddler Tickets Are Selling Fast!
Tickets to our spring production of Fiddler on the Roof are already selling fast.  This popular show has just reopened on Broadway, and people everywhere are remembering what has made it such a timeless and enduring classic. 

North Shore is projecting that we'll be sold out well in advance of the show, so now is the perfect time to claim an advertising spot in our program book!  Remember that buying a full page ad for our spring show also gets you included in the book for our Fall Gala for free, so it's a great deal!  If you're interested in advertising (or being a corporate sponsor), please contact Ed Siegal at edward.siegal@comcast.net.

Don't wait to purchase your tickets, either!  The sense of love, family, and hope in times of trouble shine through this piece, and we're thrilled to be bringing it to you in the full round of North Shore's professional stage.  You don't want to miss this production! 

Tickets can be purchased through North Shore Music Theater's website.
Recent Events
VOH was in high demand for caroling this holiday season! 

The Marketplace at Lynnfield
had us back for the second year in a row, to add some early holiday cheer for the shoppers;

North Shore Magazine invited us to help set a festive mood as the guests of their holiday party arrived; and...

The travel company TripAdvisor also invited us to sing at their holiday event!  It was a privilege to be invited to share the joy of the holidays with so many others during this joyous season.

VOH was honored to participate again at The Pink the Rink Night at Haverhill HS to sing the National Anthem before their Girl's Hockey game.  It was a great night, and we're happy to report that the girl's won their game! 
Upcoming Events
Celtics Logo
See our current events calendar here.
Would you like to see your event listed here?  Consider hiring VOH for your special night!
Our Youngest Members, The Children of Hope
Our kids at rehearsal
Many of our members, when asked why they sing, will say that they sing for future generations--so that their children and grandchildren will know cancer as a chronic but not terminal disease.

A few of our members, however,
are the future generations.  Some of them find their way to us through a parent or a friend.  Some of them find us on their own, and bring a parent or friend along for the ride.  All of them are special kids, who choose to donate their time and talents to our mission.

Rehearsing a show
Putting on a show is a lot of work, and our youngest members always do their part.  "You practice a lot," says Anna Consoli, describing the process, "and then you go on stage and do a show."  Six-year old Anna is a veteran of stage work, and is used to some of the more onerous parts of performing.  "We stand up and can't put our hands in our pockets.  And we only talk when it's time for us to talk."  It can be a rough gig for a six year old, but Anna is a cheerful participant.  "I like that I get to sing with my friends.  We practice and have fun."

Waiting during tech
Our kids aren't shy about spreading the word, either.  David Tucker is five, and he loves to tell others about his work with Voices of Hope.  He wears his VOH shirt to school and tells his teacher and his friends about the organization, and how we "sing until cancer gets smaller and smaller and smaller until it's all gone."  David's grandfather passed away from lung cancer before he was ever born, so he knows first hand what an impact the disease can have, and his choice to perform with VOH comes from his own love of music.  "When I was four," he says seriously, "songs were everywhere, so I just wanted to sing."

Being goofy in the greenroom
We asked the children what they would say about Voices of Hope, and their responses were  honest, straightforward, and touching.  Nicholas Consoli, age nine, got right to the point.  "There's this really cool group of singers and dancers who give away the money they raise to cancer research.  So would you like to join?" 

Our children are some of our best ambassadors, because their view of what we do is so clear.  Five-year old Jack Healey may have put it best, when he said,
"We do important work. You should come play with us. We have fun and do good things. We are a family."  We are, indeed, a family, and we are so proud of our youngest members! 
Raise Your Voice With Ours!
Have you or a loved one been impacted by cancer? Want to sing along side us? Want to organize a fundraiser for us? Want to ask us to come sing at your fundraiser? Let us know!  We believe that each new voice brings us closer to the cure.


We appreciate your continued support as we aim to increase our fundraising goal every year. Our 2015 fundraising efforts allowed us to donate $75,000 to the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center For Targeted Therapies at Mass General Hospital. We couldn't do it without you!

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