Voices of Hope Monthly Newsletter, January 2015  
Thanks for subscribing to the monthly newsletter for Voices of Hope! We appreciate your interest in our organization and our mission; to help fund the ongoing research to find a cure for cancer. Look here every month for our most recent news, our upcoming events, and ways that you can help. As long as there is research to be done, our voices of hope will sing out for the cure!
Looking Forward!
As we move into a brand new year, it's exciting to see how VOH is growing and expanding. Over the past five years we've found our home at the Nest, formed relationships with many local organizations that help us in our goal, and grown our membership from roughly 20 to over 200 people. Last year we donated $62,000 to the Termeer Center, bringing our five year total to $312,000! It's amazing what can be done, when we work together! 

We're looking forward to our two main stage productions this year, as well as some smaller, more intimate shows. We've got events lined up to sing far and wide, from the National Anthem at TD Garden to rocking favorites at a number of charity walks. We hope 2015 will be a year of further growth, and another step closer to the cure.

Speaking of the National Anthem...

Would you like to join us on the court at TD Garden? Make a $10 to VOH before Feb 13th, and we'll enter you to win a chance to come sing the National Anthem. 

For more information, contact Mike Consoli at mikeconsoli@comcast.net
Godspell Rehearsals Have Begun!

The Nest is once again full of music and dancing as we begin rehearsals for Godspell! 

We've only just begun, but we can already tell this is going to be an amazing, fun filled show. The harmonies and rhythms from the 2011 revival are full of energy and power, turning the beloved, familiar Godspell into a brand new experience. 

Our one night only performance is May 2nd, 8pm at the North Shore Music Theater. We are well on our way to a sold out show, so buy your tickets today.
Recent Events

The Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra played beautiful holiday music, and Voices of Hope provided the choral voices for their second act.  It was a brand new experience for us, and we look forward to performing with them again. 

Many thanks to Dogs in the Ruff in Newburyport, for their fundraiser on our behalf!  They raised over $200 for us, and we're very grateful.

The Voices of Hope Carolers have been busy,
doing events at the Lynnfield Marketplace, Whole Foods, and private caroling parties.  Thanks to all who shared their voices and their time to spread the holiday spirit.

The Prudential Center was beautiful, lit up with VOH colors during their 31 Nights of Light event.  We hope those of you from the Boston area got a chance to see the lights!

Spotlight: Godspell and VOH
Dana Siegal: Why I Direct
Godspell is a classic. It's one of those musicals that everyone knows, or knows of. We can hum the songs, sing a few lyrics, and we all know that it's based on the gospels. But despite the fact that it's a classic, despite the fact that we all "know what it's about," Godspell can be tricky to pinpoint.  After all, although it's structured around the parables told by Jesus, it's not actually about Jesus.  And while certain main events of his life are portrayed on stage, the show itself isn't really a linear story at all, it's more a series of vignettes.

The lack of solid plot could be problematic for some directors, but when I spoke with Dana Siegal--Artistic Director for VOH and director of Godspell--she pointed it out as one of the most exciting aspects of the show. Because the tale is so fluid, it allows a director to bring their own unique creativity to each production. Dana herself has directed the show four times, and each time was different.  She's worked hard to make each version relevant and contemporary over the years, all the while staying true to the core message of the show.

And what is that message?

"Hope, and the development of a community."  Dana explains.  "That's why I think Godspell remains relevant over time.  Because it speaks to a society that has become broken and separated, and the story itself is about how a single voice can begin to lead us towards wholeness.  It was written to show the way that becoming a community can be healing."

And that, she says, is why she's so excited to do the show with Voices of Hope.  VOH itself is a community that was formed around shared pain and found comfort by drawing together.  The message of Godspell is our message; that when we come together we can heal what is ailing, and find hope again. 

Upcoming Events
Come sing with us, or hear us perform!

Sunday, February 22nd: Eastern Star Event

Sunday, March 1st: National Anthem at the Celtics

Saturday, March 21st: Kelly Skelton Cabaret

Thursday, March 19th: Red Cross Breakfast

Saturday, May 2nd:  GODSPELL at North Shore Music Theater 

Would you like to see your event listed here?  Consider hiring VOH for your special night! 
Raise Your Voice With Ours!
Have you or a loved one been impacted by cancer? Want to sing along side us? Want to organize a fundraiser for us? Want to ask us to come sing at your fundraiser? Let us know!  We believe that each new voice brings us closer to the cure.

  We appreciate your support as we aim for our fundraising goals. Every year we strive to give more to the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Mass General Hospital, and it's all thanks to you!

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