We appreciate your interest in our organization and our mission; to help fund the ongoing research to find a cure for cancer. This newsletter is for sharing our most recent news, our upcoming events, and ways that you can help. See our past news here. As long as there is research to be done, our voices of hope will sing out for the cure!

Broadway for Life!

If you don't have tickets yet, time is running out!  Our gala this fall is shaping up to be yet another beautiful evening of theater, and our silent auction will feature many exciting items.  We've got an autographed jersey from Mike Schmidt, a Ronnie Earle Autographed Stratocaster, a David Ortiz painting, and Lodge Seats for the Celtics home opener, as well as some traditionally favored baskets up for bid!

Tickets can be purchased through the North Shore Music Theatre Website, and remember, proceeds from our ticket sales and auction items goes to fund much needed research at the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Mass General!

Dancers Rejoice!

We have a new dance floor in the Nest!  It's beautiful, and really wonderful for our dancers, who no longer have to crowd into half the room in order to rehearse. 

Thanks to Lumber Liquidators for donating the materials, and Roger Desjardins for sending his crew to help with installation.  Also a big thanks to Rob, Mike, Ed, and Greg, who came and worked alongside them installing the subfloor and the beautiful new planks.

Thanks to our Artistic Staff!

Chris and Cindy running a number. 
Voices of hope is an enormous organization, and it takes a lot of work to get everyone up on stage and looking good.  In the weeks leading up to the fall gala, I think all of us are mindful of just how much we owe to the artistic staff, and how vital they are to our work. 

For Broadway for Life, we have three choreographers, two musical directors, one artistic director, a technical director, a set coordinator, a stage manager, and a costume designer; all of whom are putting in long hours and lots of effort to make sure we look and sound our best on October 15th.

So, many thanks to Jan, Di, Beth, Cindy, Chris, Dana, Darin, Jimmy, Steve, and Cindy M.  You are the best, and we love you.  

Recent Events

The Garden of Hope with the Conquer Cancer Coalition is one of the highlights every year, and 2016 was no exception.  It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful memorial, and we're so grateful to our friends at the CCC for including us.

 VOH was rained out at the Topsfield Fair.  We wish we had been able to go on, but thanks to everyone who put in the rehearsal time, and hopefully we'll try again next year.

The Boston Chapter of the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk
had us back again, and we do so love that event!  The chill and the clouds couldn't keep away the over 5,000 walkers, who have so far raised almost a million dollars to aid in the fight against breast cancer.   
Upcoming Events and Performances 
See our current events calendar here.
Would you like to see your event listed here?  Consider hiring VOH as entertainment for your special program!
Telling Our Stories

The other day at rehearsal I got to talking with Sydney.  She's one of the youth that have recently joined VOH, and I casually asked her how she got involved with the group.  It's a standard question you hear around the Nest, and in this case I was particularly interested to hear what had this young woman--a sophomore--spending her evenings with us, instead of out with friends or at home with school work.

"Well, my mom works with Barbara," she said, "and when I heard about the group I just really wanted to join.  There's a lot of cancer in my family.  Like, my grandmother just got diagnosed with ovarian cancer--"  She kept going, making a list.  There were a staggering number of women in her family with ovarian or breast cancer, and she recited them all matter-of-factly, ending with "--so I just wanted to do something that could actually help, you know?"

I gave her a hug, because I do know.  We all know.  We have all held the hands of our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children while they traveled their journey with cancer.  Some of us have walked that road ourselves.  Each step we take is a piece of our story, and when we meet others on the road we tell our stories and then we reach out and join hands, continuing on together.

At Voices of Hope, we don't just tell our stories to each other.  We tell them to people we meet in line at the grocery store, and to the folks we meet at events.  We tell them to strangers
and friends, in private and in public, and at North Shore Music Theater we walk onto a stage filled with light and tell them to the world. 

We tell our stories because they bring comfort, and let us know that we're not alone.

We tell our stories because they bring healing, because pain shared is pain lessened, and because we find strength in community.

We tell our stories because, in the end, they bring hope.  The hope that comes when hundreds of voices blend together, singing as one, full of faith that, together, we can find a cure.

Raise Your Voice With Ours!
Have you or a loved one been impacted by cancer? Want to sing along side us? Want to organize a fundraiser for us? Want to ask us to come sing at your fundraiser? Let us know!  We believe that each new voice brings us closer to the cure.
We appreciate your continued support as we aim to increase our fundraising goal every year.  Since 2009, VOH has donated over $387,000 to cancer research, $252,000 specifically to the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at the MGH Cancer Center.  We couldn't do it without you!