OCL Voices/August 2020
Arlox the Swordsman
by Joe
Another character from his Celestial Pioneer Comic book
Welcoming my First Grandbaby, Kaia Grace on April 27th
by Kathleen
by Anonymous
Importance of self-preservation
Acrylic paint, Dragon’s Eye
by Teija
During our stay at home order, I took a Universal Class titled, acrylic painting 101. I decided to paint rocks for our community rock garden, I thought it might cheer up children who were troubled because of all the changes due to Covid-19.
Sweet Mule
by Eleanor
Sweet Mule is done in embellished needlework, using silk, ribbons, boucle, cotton, and wool roving.
Here's looking at you kid
by Meagan
I came across this little toad while walking near Pine Lake. Thankfully, he wasn't camera shy!
Spooky Gals Procreate Portraits
by Carly-Jean
I finally bit the bullet and treated myself to an iPadPro 12.9 this Quarantine. The main goal was to use the drawing program Procreate, along with the Apple Pencil, to dabble with digital painting and drawing on a tablet. I fell in love with the software instantly, and after watching a few tutorials on YouTube, cranked out a series of portraits of my more... colorful friends. You can easily pass hours by drawing, and I found that this reignited a passion for creation that I hadn't felt in over 10 years!
Custom Sneeks
by Carly-Jean
During the Quarantine, I decided to put my "customization" skills to the test. I had purchased a few pairs of sneakers, with the intent to rhinestone and embellish them. Well, now was the perfect time to do it! I dove in, and spent hours placing each stone with thoughtful intention. My mother and I spent time bonding over our crafts: her with crochet, and me with gems and glue. Now that we're free(-ish) to walk around in the world again, I'm proudly displaying my kicks, and look forward to "bedazzling" more!
GISHing in Quarantine
by Carly-Jean
For the past 2 years, I've participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (GISH), a Guinness World Record-breaking experience designed to bring out the weirdest, most creative and adventurous sides of people while doing good. During Quarantine, I participated in two 1-day events in April and May. I gave a "lawn concert" to my neighbors, created charcoal art of La Sape inspired by Giles Duley's photography, mocked up "Boring Cereal" artwork (grownups only!), passed a flower crown through Zoom, had a virtual tea party, and enticed people to vote— among many other things, with people all over the world!
Summer night on the Metedeconk
by Karen
An evening brilliance in Brick taken with my iPhone!