OCL Voices/July 2020
Time to Bloom
by Heidi
Working from home this spring has enabled me to spend time enjoying the garden more than ever before. I've been able to be more attentive to all of the flowers and vegetable plants, and they seem to be the better for it! This photo captures the first rose to bloom in my yard this year, and was taken right after a morning rain shower.
An Acrostic Poem by Julie
Watercolor Paintings
by Teija
I took a Universal Class titled Watercolor Painting 101, learning to paint was a great way to relieve stress during the pandemic. I look forward to more practice and honing my skills.
Celestial Pioneer
by Joe
Character from an original comic in the making.
Watercolor Paintings Embroidery Composition
by Katherine
Learning how to do embroidery thanks to OCL database Creativebug .
Homeschool: Part 1
by Lilli
by Jane
A poem chronicling the pandemic through the first half of the year.
Homeschool: Part 2
by Luci
Rosie Queen of Corona
by Chris
Rosie is made from a hand spun yarn from wool fiber, and hand dyed by the artist. Due to her ADHD Chris is struggling to focus and stay busy while staying home. To combat this she began crocheting this life size greater pacific octopus pattern from Projectarian, as a simple pattern to keep her hands busy, and attention focused.