Air & Sea News
April 24, 2017
Volume 13 Issue 010
Critical Situation in Shanghai Terminals
Dense fog and a higher than normal volume of containers have caused severe congestion at several of Shanghai's largest terminals.  Delays have increased to more than 40 percent since the beginning of April and it is reported that the congestion is expected to continue for weeks until the end of May.
Factors contributing to the congestion include Hanjin Shipping's containers remaining at the ports, the ongoing Ocean Alliance and capacity mismanagement.  Last year Hanjin Shipping collapsed leaving behind a large volume of containers taking up space.  The ocean shipping alliances is working in accordance with the Vessel Sharing Agreement (VSA) to streamline better service accommodations.  Until this is resolved there will be continued delays.
Although it is reported that carriers and port authorities are taking proactive actions to mitigate delays as of this writing there is no timetable for a resolution. 
DSV Air & Sea will continue to do everything possible to facilitate deliveries as quickly and efficiently as possible in a safe and timely manner to minimize any delays.  We are keeping in close contact with the carriers and keeping continued dialogue with our clients.  We will continue to monitor the situations and keep you posted with updates.  
New Regulations Affecting US Imports From Australia
Beginning July 1, 2017 new legislation by the TSA (U.S. Transportation Security Administration) will require one of two options for air shipments inbound from Australia:
(1) Cargo will have to be screened at a piece level.  This can cause delays, additional expense, possible loss or damage.
(2) The shipper will need to implement specific security procedures at origin and register with the Australian government as a Known Consignor.  The application process to become a Known Consignor can take 10 weeks or more, so in order to be compliant by July 1 shippers must apply immediately.
DSV customers should contact their Australian suppliers about registering as a Known Consignor in order to avoid delays in their cargo being shipped come July 1.
Additional information can be obtained by contacting DSV in Australia and by checking the following websites:



For updates and additional information please contact your local DSV Air & Sea representative.