Air & Sea News
June 12, 2017
Volume 13 Issue 016
ACE Updates to the Reconciliation Program - Effective July 8, 2017

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced an ACE update with an effective date of July 8, 2017.  See  ACE Federal Register Notice for additional post-release activities. While this is a change to the previously announced October 29, 2016 date, CBP continues to move forward with required programming changes that ultimately affect how data is filed and managed.  CBP's Original Announcement is now updated with an effective date of July 8, 2017.  See CBP Updated Announcement.
As part of the transition, CBP has taken the opportunity to modernize (and in many ways simplify) Recon filing.  While there are many new features and time-savers, it is important that importers understand one critical new feature --  the concept of "blanket flagging" has been eliminated.  CBP will no longer set importers to flag from the CBP side of the transaction.  Importers will be responsible to ensure that all appropriate transactions are flagged at the time the import entry is processed. DSV's entry filing system, CargoWiseOne is equipped to enable default Recon flagging and we will work with you to set the appropriate defaults to ensure accurate reporting.
Other Features:
  • The application process has changed dramatically.  In the past, companies requested participation through a formal application process.  Now, once an importer has the appropriate bond riders in place, they can begin flagging entries immediately.
  • Only reconciled amounts need be reported.  This is a huge problem solver for the recon filing community.  In the past, original figures had to match to the penny.  Now, original figures will not be transmitted and will eliminate some of the penny mismatch errors that we recon filers often struggle with.
  • The "old-school" CD submission is being eliminated and instead the header and association file will be presented electronically.
If you are a reconciliation participant who has used the blanket flag option, please reach out to your DSV sales representative or Customs Brokerage team.  We will need to make adjustments to your client settings to flag at the time of entry.
Whether you are familiar with ACE or it is a new concept for you, our goal is to keep you informed of how we manage your entry process.  If you desire additional information about Customs modernization, ACE portal access or compliance in general, we are available to help.
For more information about Customs' ACE migration, please contact your sales representative or your brokerage operations team. 

You can read more about the ACE Reconciliation program, and about ACE changes at the following link: 
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For updates and additional information please contact your local DSV Air & Sea representative.