Air & Sea News
June 27, 2017
Volume 13 Issue 019
Cyberattacks Result in Precautionary Actions
Global malware attack in progress
As you may have heard through the media, another worldwide ransomware attack has been launched, and some of our customers and competitors have been hit.
Currently, DSV is not hit. However we have taken precautionary actions which may result in an inconvenience to our customers.  We have done a lot of work to secure ourselves against these attacks, and we trust and hope that we are prepared.
Email attachments and hyperlinks are blocked
To stay safe from the ransomware attack, all email attachments will be put into quarantine and hyperlinks in emails will be blocked. So far, the quarantine will last till tonight 27 June 22:00 EST. Quarantined attachments will be released when they are determined to be safe. Dropbox has also been completely blocked on our networks. If you have very critical files you need to send to DSV, send the attachment and call your DSV representative who can take additional steps.
What do we suggest that you do?
We urge our customers and partners to be hyper-sensitive to emails from unknown origins.  Be suspcious and be aware of the signs.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Some of the red flags to be aware of are:
  • Do not open attachments or links from unknown senders, especially with Yahoo, Gmail, or generic non-corporate email accounts.
  • Be suspcious of any unexpected attachment, even if from a known person.
  • Be aware of phishing which usually includes a corporate link that is similar to a known link.  ie.  US.DSV.COM domain vs a url.  (sometimes letters, are duplicated, inverted)
  • Be cautious of generic, non-descript emails.
  • Be cautious of emails expressing urgency

We strongly suggest a strong culture of IT security and to take the following steps if you receive a suspicous email.

  • Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and can protect you against the "Wannacry" and "Petya" viruses/malware.  (The latest one)
  • If you erroneously click on an unknown / unrequested attachment, shut off your PC immediately and contact your IT Department.
  • If you have the ability to screen all attachments before opening with software offering the latest virus protection, we suggest you do so.
  • We also suggest that you do not "unsubscribe" to any unknown solicitiations as clicking on a Unsubscribe link may release a virus as well.  Simply add it to your junkfolder and block future emails.
  • "Mouse-over" return emails or hyperlinks to determine if the displayed information is actually where it will take you.
  • Avoid or prohibit the use of any social media software in the work environment.
  • Contact your IT department for additional measures.
As far as we know, the ransomware targets the same Microsoft weaknesses as 'Wannacry' which hit the world in May - this time it is called 'Petya'.    We are on full alert, and we are monitoring all systems closely.
As mentioned above, all attachments will be quarrantined until 22:00 EST.   However, this may be extended.  Keep in contact with your DSV representative for more information.