Dear Fund Partners,

As you know, Emergency Assistance Foundation utilizes a variable fee structure based on fund activity to keep costs low, and our basic fees have not increased since our inception. We remain committed to minimizing fees so we can maximize the dollars sent to individuals in need. With this goal in mind, and due to continued productivity enhancements, we are now beginning to reduce fees where possible.

As such, we are pleased to announce our new volume allowance for standard grant applications, which comes on the heels of the recent reduction in minimum monthly fees. 
Our new volume allowance decreases the fee per standard grant application based on the average number of verified applications per month throughout each quarter. At the beginning of every quarter, we will review the fund’s previous three months of applications. If the fund has received an average of 150+ applications per month for that quarter, we will return US $25 per verified application to the fund’s balance (see example below). 

This initiative will launch in January 2022, with the first quarterly review taking place in April 2022. 
EXAMPLE: If the fund receives 134 verified applications in January, 192 applications in February, and 156 applications in March, the average per month across the quarter would be 160, and in April the fund would receive a credit of US $25(134+192+156) = US $25(482) = US $12,050. 
As a reminder, as of September 1, 2021, we have reduced our standard minimum monthly fee from US $425 to US $400 across all funds. The minimum monthly fee supports fund operation and administration and is typically covered by variable application and donation fees. This reduction means that just two standard US grant applications (a US $200 fee each) will now cover the minimum, versus the three applications previously required. Our goal - as always - is for every fund to have enough activity, through donations and applications, to avoid the minimum monthly fee entirely.  
In this together,
Doug Stockham
President, Emergency Assistance Foundation