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Welcome to the Office of Early Learning’s Voluntary Registered Nursery Schools and Kindergartens' Fall/Winter Newsletter!


NYSED Professional Learning SeriesThese dynamic presenters discuss academic rigor using developmentally appropriate practices, inspiring culturally sustainable environments, and supporting thinking, language, and learning in early childhood classrooms.

NYSED Office of Early Learning Video Series: A guide for educators serving children in Prekindergarten through 2nd Grade.




Family Tip Sheets: These tip sheets provide information for families in the following areas: healthy bodies & healthy minds, play, math, science, reading, writing, outdoors, feelings & emotions, transitions, and talking with your child. 

Suggested Websites:

Explore a selection of online resources for families, including networking and educational activities. 


What information do I need to submit?

An annual report needs to be submitted at the end of each program year for all Voluntary Registered Nursery Schools and Kindergartens (VRNSK). All VRNSKs are required to submit a renewal application every 5 years.

How do I submit information?

You can submit information through email ([email protected]) or through the mail to: Office of Early Learning, ATTN: Voluntary Registered Nursery Schools and Kindergartens, 89 Washington Ave., EB 319, Albany, NY 12234. If the information contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII) it must be mailed.

When are my documents due?

All annual reports are due by July 31st each year. All renewal applications are due by September 30th of the program year the school is up for renewal. A reminder email will be sent out when your school is due to renew.

What regulations do VRNSKs follow?

Voluntary Registered Nursery Schools and Kindergartens must follow Commissioner's Regulation 125.

What are the staff requirements?

Educational Directors and lead teachers must hold a NYS Teaching Certificate in Birth-Grade 2 or N-6. If they do not have certification, they must complete a study plan showing the classes they are taking and when they will be taking their certification exams. Please refer to Commissioner's Regulation 125.6 for more specific details.

When will my program be visited?

Programs are visited for the following reasons:

  • schools with registration certificates that will expire during the year
  • schools located in newly constructed or renovated sites
  • schools operated by new applicants, including schools operated by new owners pursuant to section 125.10(a)(3) of the Commissioner's Regulation
  • schools that require onsite technical assistance to alleviate regulatory non-compliance issues

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