Second Quarter 2021
Volunteer Newsletter
To see in those in need the face of Christ
2021 Calendar
  • Attend a Society meeting at 11:00 AM at the SVdP Center on the third Thursday of each month.
  • Sunday, September 26th, SSPP Church, 10:30 AM Mass; Annual Vincentian Mass in honor of St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Sunday, November 7th, SSPP Church, 10:30 AM Mass in Remembrance of Deceased Vincentians. 
  • Sunday, December 5th, SSPP Church, 10:30 AM Mass in honor of Patroness of SVdP, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Immaculate Conception
Enjoy a safe and restful holiday with your family & friends!
High Honor for SVdP!
St. Vincent de Paul in Easton has been awarded the 2020 Talbot County Community Impact Award. We are one of six awardees in Talbot County, and we were presented with this honor via a Zoom event on Friday, April 30th.

Congratulations to all of our volunteers, who are responsible for this wonderful recognition.
Thank you to...

Shore United Bank on Dover Street, for their donation of food and cash. Pictured left to right are Cassie Guy, Laura Sonberg and John Syarto. It's great support from our local business community that enables us to help those in need.
Art and Crafts Sale a Success!
The first Art and Crafts Sale held on June 5, 10 and 12 was a big success, with approximately $3500 in sales. The idea originated from a donation of many original watercolors created by Angela Herbert-Hodges, who, until recently, had been a longtime area resident. We then sought other donations for this event from local artists and our community. The furniture department and special display area near the front door was turned into a mini art gallery! We had an amazing response from our volunteers, local residents and Eastern Shore artists, including Mary Ellen Mabe, Kathy Kopec, Arlene Zachmann, Mark Freihage, Kate Quinn, Mary Davis and Joanne Magruder, just to name a few.

With a hardworking committee and the support of the Thrift Store volunteers, we were able to set up a beautiful area in which to showcase the art and crafts. A huge thank you to the event committee: Alex Handy, Stephanie Handy, Kate Levey, Carlyn Diamond, John Syarto, Lisa Gritti, Bob Hall, Anjali Hinduja, John Crovo, Wanda Diffley, Laurie Mackaness, Kim Mackaness, H.D. Slaughter III, Sue Comey, Anne Warfel, Mary Yordy, Jeannie Gaylor and Peggy Ferguson.

We also are very grateful to the Oxford Community Center for loaning us the black display panels and to the local publications who were kind enough to advertise for us. Thank you all! ~ B. Harries
Society Meeting Held on June 17th
The first in-person Society meeting since before the pandemic was held on June 17th. There are currently a lot of things happening at SVdP, and updates were provided by all departments. If you weren't able to attend this one, be sure to make the next one!
SVdP Food Pantry and New Truck
Some happy Food Pantry volunteers (L-R): Jane Phelan, Martha Loutsch, Anne Lefebvre, Joanie Klein and Ann Warfel help sort some of the healthy produce we received for our SVdP clients.
Food Pantry volunteers Ken Doyle (L) and Dale Whalen (R) return from one of the last grocery store runs in the old SVdP truck.
Volunteers Dale Whalen (L) and Don Callahan (R) are about to be trained on the operation and safety features of the new SVdP truck by Butch Lappen (ctr). We are grateful to Butch for training our drivers and helpers over the past several weeks.
Volunteer Opportunity – travel, train, learn and give
2021's National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) Member of the Year Award has been presented to: The Disaster Services Corp Society (DSC) of St. Vincent de Paul-USA. 
This organization is looking for one or more Vincentians to act as representatives from Maryland in a working group of representatives from all over the US.  This is needed to assist DSC if/when it becomes involved in disaster relief operations and programs for recovery, often at the request of FEMA, in the weeks and months that follow a declared disaster. Its mission is to provide support to those impacted by a disaster such as a flood or various other calamitous events, help clients with FEMA, state and local entities with program participation registration, gift card distribution, commodity distribution and other assistance as needed. If you have interest in learning more about this mission of relief and recovery, please contact Steve Bender directly by email:
Volunteer Positions Available:
Thrift Store Sales Staff
Marketing Team Member
Home Visitor Team Member
Telephone Responder
Volunteer Spotlight - Maria Shea Terrell
Maria started working in the Thrift Store as a "faithful folder" and sales person in the fall of 2019, working with and observing Eleanor and Marge. As a grad student at UVA in the early 70s, she became an accomplished "dumpster diver"; salvaging and repurposing items that were being thrown away when students moved out of the dorms. Maria has a wealth of knowledge and spends a great deal of time researching peculiar, well used and old items. She has been able to find new homes for unique things that were once cherished by someone else, and she has also been very successful in selling scrap metal to local dealers and jewelers for items that are unsalable. She provides a much needed service to the store. Thank you for all you do, Maria!
Promotional Offer from Giant

Giant Foods has selected SVdP to receive $1 from each specially marked (look for the purple sticker) bouquet of flowers purchased for $10.99 during the month of AUGUST.

If you'd like to participate, visit our Giant Foods store located at 8223 Elliott Road in Easton next month. Bring flowers to a loved one or treat yourself and brighten your own home. Win/win!
Amazon Smile Account

We have been receiving small amounts money quarterly from Amazon (but it all adds up!) from those of us who shop through Amazon Smile. If you'd like to help Amazon give us a small donation for items you purchase (at no cost to you), please click on this special link (or copy and paste into your browser): or specify "St. Vincent de Paul Saints Peter and Paul Conference I" from the Amazon Smile ( website.
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In addition to our Facebook account (, the marketing team has recently added an Instagram presence. Please look for us at Please share this info with friends.
Please Welcome Our New Volunteers:
Barbara Hoppel - Thrift Store
Vicki Bland - Boutique
Ali Rodrigues - Furniture
Bob Terrell - Thrift Store
Matt Szoch - Furniture
Rich O'Brien - Furniture
Migonne La Chapelle - Home Visitation
Ellen Datena - Thrift Store
Brendan Mullaney - Furniture
Pauline Berrigan - Boutique and Finance
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