Volume 2019-08 / August 2019
Rocky Mountain BEST Volunteer Newsletter
Rocky Mountain BEST's 10th Year !
LOOKING BACK over the years ...
2016 + 2017 Games
Teams are tasked with automating farming tasks by attempting the following objectives:
  • Plant corn seeds.
  • Harvest and deliver corn.
  • Harvest and deliver tomatoes.
  • Harvest and deliver lettuce.
  • Round up, secure, and feed loose pigs.
  • Turn on water valve.
Each team has its own pig pen that also serves as a starting location for their robot. The pigs that have escaped from the pens are located throughout the field and can be secured by being returned to the pig pen and having the pen gate closed. The area around the team's pig pen is a non-blocking zone that other teams must vacate when the pen-owning team is in the area.
The playing field includes four corn plots that are not assigned to any particular team; that is, any team can harvest and/or plant corn on any of the corn plots. The ears of corn (paint rollers) can be deposited into the team's harvest bin near the center of the field, or in the central community bin beneath the windmill. Alternatively, the ears of corn can be used to feed pigs that have been returned to the pig pen. The area surrounding the team's corn bin is a non-blocking zone where the bin owning team has preferred access.
Corn seeds (golf balls) are color matched to each team's starting position. The seeds must enter the field through the team's silo and the robot must plant the seeds by placing them into any of the holes on any of the corn plots. In addition to helping the driver with directions and strategy, the spotters are responsible for loading the corn seeds into the silo. Once the seeds have been through the silo, they cannot be touched by the spotter.
There are hydroponic stands in two corners of the field that provide heads of lettuce (luffas) located along the base and tomatoes (whiffle balls) attached to vertical members of the stand. These items can be harvested by any team's robot and must be deposited into the correct bin in the team's produce stand. Non-blocking zones extend in front of each team's produce stand.
Teams are tasked with rescuing the “manikin,” containing the chemical drums, and extinguishing the flames. 
  • The manikin (a PVC and rope assembly) is considered rescued when the spotter has properly placed the manikin in the stretcher located outside the field. 
  • The chemical drums (quart paint cans having various weights) are contained by having the robot place them into the containment area inside the playing field. 
  • The flames (upside down plastic cups) are considered extinguished when water (plastic golf ball) has been used to knock over the cup or to displace the cup from the shelf location.
The playing field consists of three zones that allow varying levels of robot access. 
  1. The no-entry zone in the center of the field includes the structure where the flames are located. Robots may not enter the no-entry zone other than to push open the water return door. 
  2. The hot-zone surrounds the no-entry zone and is delineated by a border wall with a doorway opening. A robot may only enter the hot-zone assigned to their team and must enter through the doorway. The hot-zone is where the team’s manikin and chemical drums are located. The manikin and chemical drums must be transported through the doorway to leave the hot-zone. 
  3. The cold-zone surrounds the hot-zone and can be occupied by any team. The robot motion within the cold-zone is not limited, other than a robot may not enter the starting box of another team.
2019 OFF THE GRID Game - Kickoff on Saturday 14 September - SIGNUP TODAY !

We are excited to be kicking off in a couple weeks
the OFF THE GRID game created by BEST Robotics Inc. and Texas Instruments!

Kickoff Event
  • Saturday 14 September
  • STRIVE Prep - RISE 18250 E 51st Ave, Denver, CO 
  • Are you available to help? CLICK HERE TO FIND VOLUNTEER SPOTS
  • Those who volunteer will receive a Kickoff Event details email about a week before the event with maps and additional information.


Practice Day Event
  • Saturday 19 October
  • STRIVE Prep - RISE 18250 E 51st Ave, Denver, CO 
  • Practice Day SIGN UP LINK COMING IN mid-September
Game Day Event
  • Saturday 26 October 
  • Auraria Event Center Downtown Denver
  • Game Day SIGN UP LINK COMING IN mid-September
Checkout our Event Volunteer page for volunteer position descriptions that may interest you. Starting after 21 September, our Event Volunteer page will be updated with the new OFF THE GRID game specific files.
BEST Robotics OFF THE GRID Game Teaser Video
Kickoff Team List
Volunteer Special Thanks!
BEST Engineering Workshop Team and ...
This awesome team took the BEST Robotics Inc. provided Electronics Curriculum and developed a training approach for 10 volunteers and 10 students/teachers/mentors to successfully solder and assemble almost 100 IR Sensors as shown in the photo below. WOW!
2019 Electronics Workshop Lois
2019 Electronics Solder
2019 Electronics WS Sensor
...the Monday Kit Team!
This dedicated team is putting the finishing touches on the 29 Team Robot Kits - Returnable and Consumable totes - plus Spares! They started in January and will be turning the Kits over to the teams at Kickoff in a couple weeks. INCREDIBLE! WOW, AGAIN!

In 2019, Denver BEST Regional Championship will host 40 Teams from 11 Hubs. Please save the date to volunteer and be part of this exciting expansion!
  • Setup Friday 6 December and Event Saturday/Sunday 7-8 December
  • Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center @ 15500 E 40th Ave, Denver

CLICK here to see the 11 Hubs participating in the Denver BEST Regional Championship
Saturday, 28 September 2019 11AM-4PM at East High School in Denver, Colorado

Energy Day is Colorado's first FREE family festival showcasing exhibits focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Come down and support our local schools, energy experts, and the amazing kids out there looking to learn and develop their skills in STEM education!

Click graphic above for their web page and here is their School Flyer link.
2019 Outreach with Energy Day Colorado Festival
Rocky Mountain BEST will be participating in the third annual Energy Day Colorado Festival as one of our outreach events. Reply to this email if you'd like to volunteer to help with this outreach event.

Please support this FREE, family festival designed to promote and encourage excitement and interest in energy, environment, sustainability, science, robotics, technology, engineering & mathematics to inspire students into STEM studies. 
Energy Day will feature exciting exhibits and interactive demonstrations that will teach students and their families about various forms of energy and how through STEM education, they can find an exciting career in the energy industry.
Other Ways to Participate by Donating
Help inspire a youth for a lifetime and donate ANYTIME at Rocky Mountain BEST at   ColoradoGives.org
If  your company has gift matching through Benevity, Rocky Mountain BEST is one of the eligible non-profit organizations. Please check with your company about gift matching! Thank you for the $1350 donation in 2018.
King Soopers Loyalty Card
Use your King Soopers Loyalty Card or Kroger Plus Card account to assign Rocky Mountain BEST as your non-profit for us to receive quarterly Kroger Community Rewards. (NOT "Rocky Mountain Robotics")
The payout is more than $2.5 million each quarter. Rocky Mtn BEST will receive the percentage of spending when compared to all others enrolled.
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Visit our Amazon Smile Sign In Page Thank you, your spending helped us raise a record $79 in the final quarter of 2018.
Wondering what to do with your used car or truck? 
Donating your old vehicle to ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEST is convenient, easy, and may qualify you for a tax deduction. And best of all, your donation of a used car or truck will make a big difference in supporting ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEST.
Why not donate your vehicle today? All you need to do is to complete our SIMPLE ONLINE FORM or call 1-866-628-2277 and we'll take care of the rest. We will pick up your vehicle, arrange to have your donation towed, and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt, all at no charge to you. 
Build a robot in six weeks;
inspire a youth for a lifetime
THANK YOU for making it possible!