Aug 2022
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Volunteer Recognition Lunch
As we prepare for fall at Manna, we would like to invite all volunteers to the Manna Food Project on October 7, 2022.

Our fall recognition event will be held from 12:00pm - 2:00pm on above date.

Please feel free to bring friends or family to recognize your volunteering efforts.

Thank you all so much for all you do for Manna!
Golf Fore Manna
The Annual Golf Fore Manna Charity Golf Outing was held September 8, 2022. The outing was hosted by the Country Club of Boyne with our Marquee sponsor Dave Kring Chevrolet. Thank you to our local sponsors as well as our amazing golfers and committee members. Golf Fore Manna has been instrumental in raising funds for our Food for Kids backpack program for over a decade.

Thank you again to our fantastic supporters, we are blessed to have you on Team Manna.
Manna Mobile Food Pantry Is Underway!
We are continuing our mobile pantries in northern Emmet County twice a month throughout the fall. We have had such great support from our volunteers and community partners. We at Manna look forward to this expansion of services in our area!

I am actively looking for 3 volunteers per mobile pantry to staff!

Please contact to schedule.
School year backpacks have started to be delivered. For our first month of deliveries, we are anticipating sending out around 5250 bags to schools in our three county area for the month of September.
  1. Manna is still looking for individuals and groups to support backpacks for this school year as our numbers have increased.
  2. Contact Matthew Flickema - to sign up for backpack opportunities.
“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Thank you for your gift of volunteerism.

Throughout the month of July we had 47 individual volunteers walk through Manna's door to give back to the community.
Better Impact
Please make sure all your personal information is updated! It's always helpful to have your correct contact information.

See Matthew if you need help setting up your account for the first time. Any staff member can help you sign up for shifts or update your contact if you need assistance.
Required Trainings
Trainings for Food Safety and Civil Rights from Feeding America and are required for all food bank or food pantry volunteers/staff. MSU extension offers optional training for food safety. Let Matthew know if you need assistance. We will also have a laptop available if you chose to take it while your here at Manna.

Manna strives to provide volunteers with meaningful opportunities to engage in our mission, matching volunteer interests and abilities to our needs. To that end, we periodically suggest volunteers complete training sessions on topics related to our food assistance programs.

By keeping everyone properly trained: 
  • Our volunteers feel knowledgeable, comfortable, and confident in their roles.
  • We maintain a safe and positive environment for everyone.
  • We ensure the food we distribute is safe to eat.
  • We fulfill our mission in the most effective and efficient way possible.
Volunteer Hours
Interested in how many volunteer hours are spent at Manna to make the organization run?

The grand total for the month of August was 380+ hours.

Thank you for making Manna's mission a success. Your dedication and support is much appreciated by Manna and the Antrim, Charlevoix, and Emmet county communities.
Food Rescue & Backpack Delivery
Volunteer Recruiting
Manna is seeking additional drivers and riders for our food rescue program. This program is dedicated to rescuing food from local area stores and distributing it to our clients and partner pantries.

With many summer volunteers leaving, we are expanding our recruitment for food rescue and mobile pantry support.

We provide two individual food rescue opportunities here at Manna.
  1. 8AM food rescue is Monday thru Friday. This is a volunteer opportunity for a single volunteer and takes 60 minutes to complete or less.
  2. 9AM food rescue is Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9AM-11AM. This opportunity is supported by a driver and rider for the shift duration.
  3. Additionally, Manna is seeking backpack delivery and rider support for our backpack runs. Backpack deliveries are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 8AM - 12PM. Shifts will be available online shortly.
Support Food for Kids Backpacks
The backpack program is on schedule to distribute 50,000 individual backpacks to schools in Northern Michigan.

With recent changes in our economy and supply chain, plus the highest inflation in over 40 years. The program costs for Food for Kids has increased tremendously over the last 18 months.

Your monetary support is needed now more than ever. Help Manna complete its mission of Feeding the hungry throughout the north.

Donation link above.

Thank you!