• Masks are are now optional for all staff and volunteers that enter the Manna Food Project regardless of volunteer opportunity.
  • Masks will be available near the door for volunteers that wish to wear them.
  • Volunteers should wash their hands upon entry and follow good hygiene practices (such as wearing gloves while packing produce, social distancing, and sanitizing hands and workspaces frequently) while at our facility.
  • In the case of possible or confirmed COVID-19 exposure, please quarantine if instructed to do so by a health care professional as well as follow health department protocols.
  • Manna will follow the current MDHHS guidelines for reporting. 

Individual and Group Volunteering
  • To ensure a rewarding, safe, and enjoyable experience, all individuals and groups are asked to schedule volunteer shifts in advance. Currently, walk-in volunteer opportunities are unavailable. 
  • Please let Manna staff members know your preference and comfort level working with others before your scheduled shift.