As a teacher, Eric Perryman has the notable responsibility of inspiring, educating and affecting change in the lives of young adults. Six months ago, he expanded his role by becoming a mentor at Roots & Wings (R&W) and offering the steady support that young people need to succeed. “I’d heard about Roots & Wings through my friend who is a case manager there,” said Perryman. “Since he knew of my background, he thought I would be a good fit in the mentoring program.” 

In addition to teaching, Perryman has mentored at other organizations for many years and believes his volunteer efforts impact our young clients because it shows them that people outside of R&W care for them. 

“I believe the goal for every program involving young people should be growth,” he shared. “Growth is accomplished by exposing young people to things that they are not used to. You change the perspective of people when you expose them to different people, information and mindsets.” 

When he isn’t teaching or mentoring, Perryman enjoys practicing Muay Thai, working out at the gym and boxing. An avid reader and writer, he owns several real estate properties and enjoys traveling to different countries. One of his many goals, is to travel to every continent. 

When asked what advice he would offer anyone interested in volunteer or mentoring, he said simply, “Be genuine and honest with your mentee.” 

Honesty and genuineness are key traits often found in a successful mentor. Not surprisingly, they’re the same traits that make Eric Perryman good at what he does on his day job and in his volunteer life.