September 2020
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Manna and Coveyou Team Up for Unique Produce Program
Coveyou Farms and Manna Food Project recently teamed up to distribute fresh, local produce as part of the USDA’s “Farmers to Families Food Box Program.” Coveyou was one of the only farms in the Midwest on the USDA’s list of contractors. In addition to their own produce, Coveyou worked with 10 other growers to provide root vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, and more for each box. By the end of August, their small team had assembled 15,000 of them.

Manna’s trucks averaged 4,000 miles per month, delivering to families in need across three counties. Salvation Army, senior centers, and even school districts helped distribute hundreds each week.

Both Coveyou and Manna have received heartfelt stories from elderly and school children alike. “People are not just getting a box: they’re getting a positive experience out of it. It’s those stories that really make all the difference to me,” David Coveyou said.

Look for a more detailed article in our Summer 2020 newsletter and on our website!
"Need to Knows"

  • We are tentatively scheduling backpack school deliveries to begin the week of September 21.

  • While Food Rescue is still on hold, we may resume the program in October if the number of local COVID-19 cases continues to level off and decline. Stay tuned.

  • Manna's November 2020 Empty Bowls Luncheon has been cancelled due to the virus.

  • The "Golf Fore Manna" Charity Outing will still be held tomorrow, Sept. 10 at the Country Club of Boyne. Registration is closed with all 27 teams signed up!

Thanks for stopping by for our cookout!

We served over
30 volunteers on August 21. It was great to see your faces!

Time for the Time Clock!
Summer is over, fall is here. As we start to welcome back some of our volunteers we haven't seen in a while, now is a perfect time to implement our new volunteer time clock!

The iPad sign-in process will replace our previous paper sign-in sheets and will dramatically reduce the time needed to calculate volunteer hours! We will still be completing COVID-19 screening forms for the time being.

This system uses our new software, Volunteer Impact, and your volunteer usernames. A reference list is provided for your convenience, but staff will assist anyone who needs additional help signing in.
What's cool about this software is that you can personalize your username, sign up for shifts online, and lots more. Download our Volunteer Impact User Guide for a step-by-step guide in creating or modifying your own account. (By the way, if you've volunteered at least once or twice in the last two years, you already have a user name. Contact Jessyca if you need a reminder!)

As he finished up the last harvest of the summer, Chuck Johnson from PUMC Garden sent us a photo of his spectators last night.
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