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Volunteer Newsletter 
Summer 2016 

Hello Volunteers,
Hope you're all enjoying your summer!

Enjoy these news and notes from the Volunteer Program, and as always, if you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas, feel free to send them to Kyle at

Kyle and fellow MABVI staffer Andrea in Seoul_ Korea_ where they recently spoke at the 2016 International Guiderunners Conference
Kyle and fellow MABVI staffer Andrea in Seoul, Korea, where they recently spoke at the 2016 International Guiderunners Conference

Volunteers Needed

Our Volunteer Program has grown exponentially in recent years, but even though we now have more volunteer matches than ever, we still have a large waiting list of people in need of volunteers, and that's where you can help.

Help us spread the word about our program! We always say there's no better advertising than our wonderful volunteers and the bonds they form with their matches. So tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your experience and our need for more volunteers. You can even download a flyer here to post around town - we actually get a lot of people contacting us just because they saw a flyer in a coffee shop!

Currently our areas of greatest need are Greater Boston, Metro West, and now the South Shore area. Do you have any suggestions of ways we can get the word out? Are you a member of (or do you have a contact at) a business, school, church, community organization, etc.? Let us know by emailing Kyle at

Referring Your Match to
Other MABVI Services

In addition to our Volunteer Program, MABVI offers a number of services to help folks who are blind or visually impaired live more confidently and independently. Of course, they can't take advantage of these unless they know about them! That's why we want you to feel free to refer your match to any of our services.

These include low vision examinations by a specially trained doctor, in-home occupational therapy, orientation and mobility training, and our newest service, Adjustment to Vision Loss Counseling.

Studies show a higher rate of depression in individuals coping with vision loss, and we know how this change can often lead to isolation and frustration. Now, anyone in this situation can meet with one of our Adjustment Counselors to talk through these issues.

Learn more about our new counseling service in our latest blog  written by Lori Berkey, who is not only one of our Counselors, but also began with us as a volunteer over a decade ago! Read it here.

Lori Berkey and fellow MABVI staffer Mary Haroyan
Lori Berkey and fellow MABVI staffer Mary Haroyan

If you or your consumer feel like they could benefit from any of these services, please reach out to Jen at or Kyle at

Helping with Technology?

We want to hear from volunteers who are formally or informally helping their consumer with technology. This could include reading emails or social media, troubleshooting technical problems (like setting up a printer, etc.), or downloading assisitive apps to a mobile device. Email Kyle if you are doing any of these tasks. 

Change of address? Let us know! 

We want to keep in touch with you (and make sure you receive our super cute Valentine's Day card!), so if you have recently moved, please make sure to drop us an email or give a phone call to let us know your new address.

Phone: (617) 926-4312

Final Thoughts

Finally, we love to hear about how things are going with your consumer. Please email Jen at or myself at to let us know what you have been up to.

As always, we are incredibly thankful for your volunteer time and work with our consumers. On behalf of the entire MABVI family, thank you so much!
Kyle Robidoux
Director of Volunteer and Support Group Services,
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