Volunteer today for DFLA’s Candidate Committee
or Board of Directors

With only one part-time employee (myself!) and limited resources, DFLA relies heavily on volunteers to make an impact. Now is the time to stand up to the Democratic Party establishment and act on your Whole Life values.

You have two options to support DFLA as a volunteer: sign up to be on-call using this form , or apply for a formal position with specific responsibilities.

As of July, DFLA is opening up four volunteer positions, on our Board of Directors and Candidate Committee. All four positions have a significant time commitment, requiring people who are organized and excellent at follow-through. Please click the links below for more detail and instructions on how to apply.

Volunteers have an opportunity to interact with elected pro-life Democrats , gain valuable experience at a national Democratic organization, and work with a dedicated team at an urgent time for our cause. Volunteers are reimbursed for eligible expenses .

Join us!


Kristen Day
Democrats For Life

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