Volunteerism during COVID-19
The State of Illinois and its community partners are working to ensure the health of our citizens. To do that, we need your help. The spirit of volunteerism and community service are alive and well during COVID-19. Those that considering volunteering have options, both in-person options as well as virtual efforts.

Preparedness for Volunteers:   If you are feeling sick, or displaying any symptoms of illness, please stay home.  Volunteers can get the job done, but we need you to be healthy and operating at 100% to make that happen! Please do not put yourself or anyone else at risk by coming to volunteer when sick. If you are displaying signs of illness while you volunteer, you will be asked by the group you are volunteering with to return home.

Preparedness for Organizations:  Organizations that are accepting volunteers is to ensure that groups are limited to 10 people per group setting with appropriate social distancing safeguards. Additional restrictions such as limiting volunteers to best protect vulnerable populations may be appropriate. All volunteers should be screened prior to beginning work (see template screening tool). If someone has a fever, cough, or other symptoms, they should be sent home. All volunteers should wash hands regularly and all areas of the service site should be properly disinfected at each shift change.