Community Collaborations International
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CC International is a project of The Hub for Direct Community Action
Portland Area Environmental and Community Service Project

Since 2002, Community Collaborations International (CC International) has put thousands of volunteers from over 100 universities and colleges to work completing disaster relief, environmental and human service projects in many communities across the country.

Each year, we focus our efforts on a particular community or region. In past years, we have focused on San Francisco Bay Area, Bay St Louis, Mississippi; Galveston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Atlanta, Georgia; Pensacola, Florida; Biloxi Mississippi: Tuscaloosa, Alabama; and the coast of New Jersey.

This year, we are focusing our efforts on the Portland Area and nearby communities.  Our goal is to provide service opportunities to colleges and universities and to complete projects and support local organizations that contribute to healthy and prosperous communities.
We need a strong partnership with local community organizations to develop a plan that will put these volunteers to work where they can do the most good. We are looking for;

  • A primary local partner who will provide support and assistance to the overall effort.

  • A primary site for our Volunteer Facility capable of providing lodging to 12-40 volunteers per week December 2018 - April 2019 with the majority of volunteers participating during the month of March
  •  (Spring Break). CC International provides food, lodging, and project coordination for volunteer teams who will travel to the Portland Area participating in week long service trips.  We develop a volunteer facility that meets or exceeds the standards and services of a typical Red Cross Emergency Evacuation Shelter. In the past, we have located our Volunteer Facility in school buildings, church buildings,  gymnasiums, government buildings, and other spaces made available to us by local agencies and organizations. We are very experienced and self sufficient, we always leave the facility in better condition than we found it, we carry $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability Insurance that includes coverage for premises used by the project.

Please let us know who the best person is to contact with your organization so we can schedule a meeting or simply give Taiga a call at 608 772 7328.

Thank you,
Taiga Drucker Boisvert
Communications Manager, CC International
608 772 7328 mobile