Help us bring relief to our community.

Dear Friends,  

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and have incurred minimal damage in the wake ofHurricane Sandy.  


We know many members of the Russian Jewish community have been hit hard, especially senior citizens living in high rise buildings near the coast. Those who were unable to evacuate have been without electricity, working elevators, or access to fresh food for three days now. After contacting all 33 of our member organizations, we have a list of names and addresses of such individuals who are in need of our help.  


We are looking for volunteers. If you are in a position to go out TODAY to visit senior citizens trapped in their homes, please call Lisa Klig at (347) 875-0676. Likewise, please call if you have information about people who require assistance.


For information on what to do if your apartment or business has flood damage, visit Brokelyn's guide


After we address the immediate dangers of Sandy's aftermath, we will be mobilizing additional efforts to assist members of our community who have suffered losses and damages.  We will continue to work with all of our community members, partners, and participants to ensure that we can rebuild, recover, and recuperate.





Lisa Klig, COJECO Program Director
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COJECO is the central coordinating body of the Russian Jewish community of NY, established in 2001 to facilitate enduring participation of Russian-speaking Jews in the mainstream Jewish community, while acknowledging our distinctive cultural heritage. Today, COJECO not only continues to support its 33 member organizations, but also strives to represent and advocate for the community's needs. Learn more at