Senior Adult Fellowship Games Resumed
  • Every Tuesday
  • 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Room 133 - Visions Classroom
  • No Meal will be Served
  • Everyone is asked to observe the CDC recommendations
Second B,

Through 2020 and 2021, despite all the disruption, confusion, suffering and fog, you have been so kind, so generous, so faithful. 
I thank you for giving to our congregation - a ray in the light of Christ. In early 2021 we completed our responsibility to our mortgage and we have enjoyed nearly a year without a house payment! Wonderful, thank you. 
In 2021 our VLT decided to return to an important discipline of conducting annual reviews of our financial practices by a firm with Certified Public Accountants that specialize in such work. Currently we are conducting an outside audit with a firm Second B knows and trusts. I expect we will share a report from this audit at a regular Church Conference this calendar year. This is all an attempt to give our congregation the utmost confidence that gifts are handled appropriately with the highest professional and Christian standards possible. We expect this audit and commitment to annual review to demonstrate excellence from our financial office just as you have demonstrated excellence in generosity and faith.
Please join me in thanking our many volunteers who count the offering, sign checks and support our financial well being. Further, please join me in commending our Church Financial Administrator, Tanya Wofford, and our VLT for this commitment to transparency and trust. God is glorified in each of your gifts. May we be faithful to the one who is Faithful.

Jake Maxwell 

September 12, 2021

" Believe"

James 3:9-13

8:30 am In-Person
10:45 am Live-Stream and In-Person

Online at click here

Volunteer Help Needed
in Children’s Ministry
  • Second B has a growing and thriving children’s ministry and we really need your help!
  • Please consider giving just a portion of your time either on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. 
  • Our volunteers are asked to spend about two hours a month with our amazing 2b Kids. 
  • All curriculum is prepared for you, and you are guaranteed to receive a blessing from these children. 
  • Contact Sheryl Gallarneau if you are willing to step out in faith and love on the future of this church! 

The goal is three houses in thirteen days starting on Labor Day. Sponsors, volunteers, civic groups, and employee groups needed! Sign up using the instructions below: Visit the Sign Up page here

Pictured: Jean Mallory and Christy Reeves. Christy, an administrator from Habitat, honored Jean and her late husband John Mallory for their work in getting Habitat started and organized in Lubbock. 
Patti & Howard Darwin
Vicki Donaghey
Jean Mallory
Larry Landusky
2b & Vitalant Blood Drive

Wednesday, September 15
Grand Hall
3:00 - 6:45 pm
Prayer Shawl Group

Every Wednesday, 6 - 7:00 pm

If you would like to learn to knit or crochet a prayer shawl, you can learn in this group. All supplies are provided.

The prayer shawl group delivered or mailed 11 blessed shawls in August. The prayer shawl is a reminder to those going through challenging times that they & their families are prayed for by Second B’ers.

If you know someone that could use the comfort and blessing of a prayer shawl, or have questions, you can contact Ruan or Vickie at the email addresses below. Or just be here Wednesday and start a prayer shawl!

Children’s Wild Wednesdays
Beginning September 1st
Birth - 5th Grade
6:00 - 7:00 pm
Youth Hangout
Beginning Sept1st
All Youth
5:30 - 7:00 pm
I know there are some folks that miss singing in the church choir.
Let me help you out:

  • Our choir sings every Sunday.
  • We meet at 6:30 on Wednesday nights and for a short period of time just before the service.
  • Come fill that void in your heart and sing with Second Voices.
  • No audition required! 
  • Your Friendly Music Man (
Pastor for Adults Update

  • The PFA search team is meeting weekly.
  • The PFA search team has met via video call with candidate(s).
B & B - Bibles & Books
Beginning Sept 7th
“The Bible With & Without Jesus”
Amy-Jill Levine & Marc Zvi Brettler
Every Tuesday at 10:00 am Online
This book is a look at the prophets from the Jewish & Christian perspectives.
  • New members are welcomed.
  • B & B is now meeting virtually.
  • If interested, contact:

La Nelle Ethridge (  or Jan Payne (
Vision Leadership Team

Although the CDC recommendations are more thorough, we are essentially asking that during this time of higher risk for COVID-19 in Lubbock County, please resume wearing masks at Second B as a safety precaution.

Thank you for your grace and understanding through this extended time of adjustment and difficulty. We pray for our church, our city and God’s beloved world. Our hope remains in the good physician who has come to heal all— mind, body and soul.
May the peace of Christ be with you and bless you-
2B Vision and Leadership Team

More information at CDC Click Here
Calendar for September 12 - September 18
Helpful Contact Information

  • Prayer Requests/Hospital Updates and Calendar Questions: Darcy Gray

Helpful Information

  • If you haven’t received the new 2B Church Directory, please call the church office at 806-783-0202 or email
  • A marked container is outside the church south entrance doors on the sidewalk with prayer cards for pick up. Completed prayer cards can be placed in the same box to be processed and mailed.
  • Yarn for prayer shawls is available at the church office. You can pick some up if you need something to do! If you know someone in need of a prayer shawl, we have a few of those also.
  • If you would like to be notified of important and urgent prayer request and care needs, please notify to include you in email updates. We hope to directly inform you regarding time sensitive, pressing updates including details of funerals, deaths, hospitalizations, etc.
SecondB will publish the obituary of 2b members,
family members & friends of 2b.

Send information to or
notify the office @ 783-0202

John Gordon Wilkerson

Rick Elliott