Managed by the Friends of
the Farm at Hilltop
FOFAH is an "all volunteer" organization. Volunteers are the heart and soul of Hilltop Farm! Without our volunteers, Hilltop Farm would not exist, as we know it, today. So much work has been completed by volunteers during this unusual year, safely and responsibly. Thank You to our Volunteers!
What are Volunteers? 
Volunteers are those special individuals who freely give time and labor in service to their community. Many of our FOFAH volunteers use their specific or professional skills to help manage Hilltop. Others build, rake, mow, weed, clean, paint and more. Other volunteers oversee the restoration and historic preservation of Hilltop Farm. They are all special Friends of Hilltop Farm. We Love our Volunteers. Thank you, one and all.
FOFAH’s 2020 Volunteer of the Year Named!
Kevin Sikes
Each Year the Board of Directors recognizes an individual for outstanding service to the Hilltop Farm community. The 2020 Volunteer of the Year is Kevin Stiles, life long resident of Suffield and neighbor of Hilltop Farm. Kevin has been a constant worker, clearing and mowing regularly, often using his own equipment. He has also been a driving force in the installation of the new fences. The Board appreciates his dedication and support.
Kevin and our volunteers will be recognized at an official Volunteer Appreciation Day sometime in the spring when we can host this event, safely.
 Kevin Stiles
Ongoing Restoration Projects
Fall 2020
Although there haven't been any events at the Farm this season, restoration has been going on to the Barn and buildings at Hilltop. Volunteers Ray Wilcox, Tom Wardell, Richard Binns and Howie Orr have planned, directed and managed many significant projects. Ray has been gathering bids and ordering materials. Tom has been restoring windows. Richard and Howie are always at the Farm, too.

New roofs and siding have been replaced on several outbuildings. A new well has been drilled and water being delivered to the chicken coop and orchard. If all goes as planned, the Farm Store and Creamery, along with the Barn will be open to the public sometime next year.

All of these things have been successfully accomplished because of so many volunteers and thousand of hours of their service. Thank you.
The Hilltop Chickens and Eggs Project - Update
For the past few years, Suffield High School Agri-Science Center student, Sydney Eitel has been working to transform the Chicken Coop into a home for 23 ISA Brown hens.

With the help of volunteers from her school, her family, FOFAH and the Suffield Rotary, the Chicken Coop was given a new life. The hens are are now mature enough to start laying eggs and earning their keep. 
Now, with the help of the "Hilltop Chicks" volunteers, the eggs are collected daily and the chickens are attended. These eggs will be for sale soon, so watch for signs at the farm if you want to help support Sydney's school project.
The Gardens and Orchard Volunteers

Bobbie Rogers and Joan Heffernan have overseen the gardens and orchard areas of Hilltop for several years. It has has been a huge undertaking, but this area has become more beautiful each year. People come from all around to learn about plants and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

Some people come a long way to volunteer at Hilltop! We are very lucky to have a group of young women from “out west” completing their church service mission. The gardens, entrances and orchard area have benefitted " Bobbie’s Angels"
tremendously from their hard work. The Farm looks wonderful due to their efforts. They love spending time at the farm and we love them, too.
Fitzgerald Brothers
Closer to home, two Boy Scouts from Troop 66, West Suffield, have earned service hours at Hilltop, during the drought this late summer. Brothers David and Jack Fitzgerald spent many hours transporting containers of water to keep the fruit trees and plants in the orchard alive. This was before the new well was drilled. We rely on the volunteers to "carry the water" to make Hilltop work, in this case, literally!

FOFAH Board member, Bobbie Rodgers and our other leadership volunteers are so appreciative of everyone's hard work!

David and Jack Fitzgerald
Recent Work Day- Emergency Repairs!
Howie Orr wanted to thank all of the many volunteers for the hard work that was done on a recent Saturday. The Farm was quite a mess from the microburst destroyed and damaged several trees and fences, just a few days before. Some volunteers, with chainsaws were able to clear most of the mess.

Bobbie Rodgers and Heather Hitchcock encouraged several friends to help. 
Don Cook worked with us when the farm was just starting to be managed by FOFAH and was instrumental in putting up the pasture fencing throughout the property. Tom Heffernan, Rich Grabowski, Dave Berube, Kurt Lindeland and others built these new fences. During the same day, volunteers cleaned up and mowed around the houses, Chicken Coop, barn yard and pastures.

There are dozens of volunteers that have helped in a variety of ways throughout the year that may not be named here but are no less appreciated. 

Become a member of the Saturday Work Crew, at the Farm most Saturday mornings for regular projects. Major projects on the second Saturday of each month starting at 8AM. Masks and social distancing required.
Finally, Thank you to Ann, Howie Orr and the golfers who supported FOFAH through a fun afternoon of golf in late September. This was a way for some volunteers and donors to get together and help to fund much of the work that has been accomplished. Thank you one and all.
Some Reasons for You To VOLUNTEER
 > Make a difference                      > Get out of the House
> Enjoy a conversation > Meet new people 
> Make new friends                      > Use your skills in a new way
 > Develop new skills                   > Use cool tools
> Meet good people                      > Get Involved 
 > Impress your mom                    > Impress yourself
FOFAH is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to restoring Hilltop Farm into an educational and recreational resource for the community. All donations go to the improvement of the farm. Many thanks to the volunteers for their dedication and community support that has allowed FOFAH to advance the restoration of the Hilltop Farmstead.
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